Serging Workbook

The more I talk about sewing garments, showing the seam finishes on the inside, I realize MOST of our clothes and accessories are constructed on sergers.

If you are thinking, but I have a sewing machine, do I need both?

Its a machine that will very quickly, sew up seams, trim the fabric and finish off edges of scarves, dresses, tops, jackets and tablecloths or napkins, at speeds up to 1300 stitches per minute! A serger can’t replace a sewing machine, as you need one to do your quilting, buttonholes, top stitching and embellishing with all those beautiful decorative stitches. Have both set up in your sewing space for the ultimate arrangement.

If you have a serger and want to experiment more, we’ve got an Owners Workbook for you to download. On the home page of click on the Learning Centre and you’ll find the Workbook in the list. There is a spot to attach your samples for future reference. Experiment with different threads, tensions and fabrics, documenting the settings, to be ready for your next project.

Happy Serging! Linda P.

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  1. Hi. I just went to the learning center and there is no serger workbook link. How can I get this workbook?



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