image This is another brand new item! Ask your local Janome dealer to show it to you & let you feel the wonderful smooth, “silky/satin”  feel of the needle plate.  We use the term ULTRA GLIDE as it is so very descriptive – the fabric just literally glides over the needle plate and the ULTRA GLIDE foot similarly glides over the fabric. Obviously the foot is especially designed for use with tricky fabrics like vinyl, plastics, leather, pleather, faux leather, laminated cottons, etc. If you use a regular metal foot with these fabrics, you are quite likely to get into difficulties with the fabric “sticking” up against the foot, stitches becoming distorted…….and results you will not want. SO the answer is to use the CORRECT tool: the ULTRA GLIDE foot  and NEEDLE PLATE. It will make your sewing effortless and give you the results exactly as you plan & require.

IN ADDITION: We have also found that the Ultra glide needle plate is wonderfully smooth and effective for quilting – it greatly assists in moving our quilting projects easily and smoothly on & through the machine……….give it a try, you will be amazed.

The needle plate is the new EASY SET threading system so makes your whole sewing experience even more pleasurable. Please ask your local Janome dealer to show you how to save time and thread with the EASY SET bobbin: quicker, easier and NO need to pull up the bobbin thread!!

The Ultra Glide foot and Needle plate set is compatible with Janome  9mm machine models which have the easy set bobbin system. Part # for this new JANOME ULTRA GLIDE NEEDLE PLATE & FOOT SET IS 202201005. Your local JANOME dealer will assist you with pricing as well as ordering of this item.

PS   Please note that this needle plate and foot set is compatible with 9mm Janome machine models  which have an easy set bobbin system. IMG_0431[1]

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  1. Zofia says:

    Hi Liz, Is taping foot for 7mm work with Memory Craft 11000se machine?


  2. Michelle says:

    Is there a needle plate with the new ‘easy set bobbin system’ other than this Ultra Glide combo package? I have the 8900 and used this needle plate on a friends 8900. I am not sure if I want the ultra glide package set but I did like the bobbin set up that made starting to sew easier and would buy a basic needle plate if there is one that includes the easy set system.

    thank you for your help,


  3. Maree says:

    Hi will this work the same on the 12000 as it does on the 15000, also can you use it with the normal sewing foot and the embroidery foot? Or can it only be use with the ultra glide foot.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Maree,
      Yes, it is compatible with the Janome MC 12000. Yes, you can use it with other feet such as regular A foot or free motion foot but obviously if you wish to have maximum benefit from the ultra glide features, it is best used as a set with plate AND foot.

      Janome canada


  4. Tina says:

    Hi Liz, does the easy set threading system work on the 12000 the same as it does with the 15000 with this plate, thanks, Tina.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Tina,
      Yes, it does. This new ultra glide needle plate & foot set is for ALL 9mm machines which includes the MC12000.

      Janome Canada


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