Janome’s Got Apps

Embroidering while gardening

Imagine doing a little gardening in the backyard all the while your embroidery machine is stitching away in the house! Multi tasking at its finest! With our new app, AcuMonitor™, confidently leave your machine working away, knowing if a thread breaks or its time to change the thread, the app will let you know!

planning my next embroideryCommuting to work, waiting for an appointment or sitting on the front porch, use the AcuEdit™ app to create an embroidery layout. Copy, cut, paste, resize and move design elements just like you would if you were at your machine. Then save the design until you are ready to stitch! All 480 designs built into the MC15000 are there for you to use and you can save all your ‘other’ designs to your iTunes account to access them.

Exclusive to the Memory Craft 15000, these two apps make sense. Test drive the apps as they are free to download through the Apple App Store and require an iPad® 6.0 or later. Go to the App Store on your iPad®, search for Janome. Find the AcuEdit™ and AcuMonitor™ apps and install them.

Open the AcuEdit™  app and tap the flower icon down in the lower left corner of the screen. Tap the sample flower design. Tap Done and the sample design will be imported into the edit screen. Tap the tool box icon to open up the editing tools. To try out the lettering, tap the Alphabet icon in the lower left corner of the main screen.
To preview the functionality of the AcuMonitor™ launch the app and tap the gears icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Turn on Demo Mode and press done. You’ll be able to see what it looks like to monitor an embroidery stitch out.

Another great app for Janome owners, is the FootBook app by Jim Stutsman. 43 different feet and accessories are featured with photos, videos and text.  Schmetz has an awesome one on needles. You’ll learn everything you needed to know about needles!

And now to look for one for my fabric collection! How cool that will be to have all my fabrics ‘with me’ while I am shopping. If I see something that inspires me, I can check if I have the fabric at home to recreate it.

Let us know if you’ve found an app that works for your sewing obsession.

‘App’y sewing,

Linda P.



About Janome Canada

For over 100 years, Janome has been the brand of choice for sewing, embroidery, longarm quilting, sergers, coverhem machines - and MORE! Our Janome Canada head office; our Janome HQ, is the Janome Sewing and Learning Centre in Oakville, ON. Be sure to follow us here on Janome Life blog, as well as our other Janome Canada social media so you get the most from your Janome machine! @janomehq @janomecanada Janome HQ Facebook, Janome Canada Facebook Janome HQ You Tube channel, Janome Life You Tube channel
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5 Responses to Janome’s Got Apps

  1. Norma Stephens says:

    I really need help. Can you recommend anyone who has patience to help me get up and running with my Janome 10000, version 3? I cannot get a connection to a windows XP or windows 7 computer. Keep getting errors. My dealer retired. avid_travelers@yahoo.com. Thank you.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Norma,

      You don’t say where you live but both http://www.janome.ca (Canada) and http://www.janome.com (USA) have Dealer locators on their websites. Please consult the one for the country in which you live to find a dealer. You can also contact our Software helpline 1-800-631-0183 Ext 775 to ask for advice.

      Unfortunately, the Janome 10000 is an older model machine and may not be compatible with current/latest computer technology. Your embroidery machine, your computer and your embroidery software really should be kept current and up to date. Problems with compatibility and getting connections between older embroidery machines and newer computers does happen as the technologies no longer work together. Either an older embroidery machines needs to be used together with an older model/technology computer OR you may need to upgrade to a newer model embroidery machine which would be newer technology and would be compatible with a newer technology computer.



  2. jen says:

    Are any of these available for android tablets?


  3. trinagallop says:

    Oh wow!! How cool is that?? It might be time to invest in a new machine. I’m feeling the call!


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