PART 7: Series on JANOME Feet & Accessories: Pintuck Feet

“My only comfort,” she said to Meg, with tears in her eyes, “is that Mother doesn’t take tucks in my dresses whenever I’m naughty, as Maria Parks’ mother does. My dear, it’s really dreadful, for sometimes she is so bad her frock is up to her knees, and she can’t come to school”.     Chapter 4:  Little Women,  by Louisa May Alcott

Pin tucks have been around for a very long time, and even incorporated into books!  If you love heirloom work you will be very familiar with pin tucks.  heirloom pintuckI love the look of pintucks in home décor and in fashion.

MKI found this Michael Kors Striped Pintuck shirt on sale for $85 from $198!

The details on this shirt are easily created with the Janome Pin Tuck feet and a twin needle.

If you look closely at the pin tuck feet there are series of grooves on the bottom. The pintucksetgrooves are there to space your pintucks perfectly if you’re making more than one.  They will be parallel and evenly spaced. Choose from the 7 groove or 5 groove pintuck foot and are available in 7mm as a set (wide & narrow) and 9mm, Wide with 5 grooves or 9mm Narrow with 7 grooves.

Adjust the needle tension to the highest setting. This is really important. The higher tension will make the pintuck stick up from the fabric, if it is too loose, the pintuck will not form resulting in just two rows of stitching. Twin needles are available in 2mm, 3mm 4mm and 6mm and 8mm widths. Just be sure your machine can accommodate the width of the needles.

The feet will help you line up your pintucks so they are perfectly straight. Align your first pintuck into one of the grooves and use that as a guide for your next one.

Another option is to insert cording into the pintuck as they are forming. The cord guide set, snaps in place of the bobbin cover and create a channel for the cord to go into the pintuck. These are available for all of our top loading machines. Please see your local dealer for the set to fit your machine. The cording helps the pintuck stand up. Using a heavier yarn that shows through your fabric, creates a shadow pintuck.

pin tuck cord guides

National Sewing Month is coming up in September. Make a goal of trying a different foot each week. Create a pin tuck project and send us a picture. We’ll share it here in Sept!

Happy sewing, Linda P.

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