This post was published recently on our sister blog: the French viejanome. I have translated it as I think you will like what Celine created & shared with the French blog viewers:

Fresh, delicious and so summer, watermelon is almost ‘ as thirst-quenching  as a glass of water, especially during heat waves like what we have been experiencing. A few slices are presented here on a tablecloth printed with this refreshing theme: table accessories; napkin; mini-mits; apron & table cloth are all enhanced with colour coordinated decorative ribbon and ric-rac.


The Janome feet shown below were used for this sewing: (from left) NARROW HEM FOOT 6MM ; OPEN TOE FOOT; PIPING FOOT; RIBBON SEQUIN FOOT; SATIN STITCH FOOT; NARROW HEM FOOT 4MM

ensemble pieds

This table  setting is a quick, easy and perfect project for the beginner seamstress.

The tablecloth: to border quickly and turn precisely at the corners, I used two optional narrow hem feet: 4mm and 6mm for the hems of two different widths at both ends.‘ Rolled Hem Foot’

hemmer oval

The napkin: the decoration was done in two stages; the red stripe is done with the foot  F1 or F2 around all four sides &  above the band of this braid. Then to give a most beautiful effect, I’ve added the green ric-rac that I stitched with optional foot Ribbon & Sequin foot RS.

Ribbon rond

The mini-mits: the two sets shown in the picture were cut from various parts of the fabric. Red piping defines the location of the fingers, and to hold everything in place, I used the optional Piping foot I .

piping rond

Apron: very simple to cut… two semi-circles create the bib which was finished with a straight stitch seam rounded on the curves and ric rac added using the Ribbon sequin foot again. 


Long live the summer and… water melon!

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  1. Debe says:

    This is a cute set. When I go to her blog I often wish more were translated into English as she has some great blogs ( I like yours, too!) ! I use the computer translate function, but sometimes that can be hilarious to read & the way things are translated can be a little confusing to understand. Thanks for this & for all your interesting blogs, especially on your sewing.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Debe,

      Yes, I too cannot read or speak French so I use the computer translation as well. It IS funny as I guess the computer does not do well with QC French nor the colloquial way of communicating. But at least it gives me a much better idea of what Celine was explaining. I edit, of course, as necessary.


  2. quilty2 says:

    Wonderful Liz! Do you have the addresses for any other Janome (foreign) sites? I am fluent in other languages so I enjoy reading/seeing what the rest of the world is working on. And for those who aren’t fluent, well ‘a picture is worth a thousand words….’


    • lizafrica says:

      Actually very easy to find these. Go to At the top of the home page it gives me the option of selecting other countries besides (Janome) America. Then simply select the website for the various Janome subsidiaries. I am not sure if it gives this option when you are opening http://www.janome,.com from within the USA. It might not. But always does when I open as I an in Canada – outside the USA. If you cannot access this listing, just google the country & Janome.



  3. prujoy says:

    Ohhh, I wish I could see how she turned those corners with the rolled/narrow hem. I usually have to turn them in with hand stitching.


  4. Moire says:

    Really cute set, Liz!


  5. Lloydine Greschaw says:

    really fresh and bright , love it


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