Free {Motion} Apples

apple graphicToday’s bite of sewing goodness comes via talented Ontario designer, Jill Buckley. Many know Jill as the quilt rat. Her designs will amaze, and might even strike a familiar chord with Janome owners, as several of Jill’s doodles appear in the MC9900 and MC15000 embroidery collections.

Jill’s Bee, as seen in the Janome MC9900 & MC15000. Image courtesy of The Quilt Rat blog

Pick Your Apple

Today Jill turns her keen design eye to free motion embroidery.

Pick Your Pleasure: Simple Lines; Some Detail or Full-Out Stitchery

Pick Your Pleasure: Simple Lines; Some Detail or Full-Out Stitchery

In this graduated treatment of the same motif, Jill offers a great template for practicing your free motion skills. You can download her full instructions and templates by clicking this link: An Apple a Day with JB

The detailed templates are marked with arrowsApple JB arrows
to help steer your stitching in a logical progression – making them easier to follow than most GPS screens.

Stitches JBuckley



We hope that you will give this exercise a try.

And please do visit Jill’s blog.… you will not be disappointed.


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3 Responses to Free {Motion} Apples

  1. isewgreat says:

    Great project, which I think I am going to try! When I have time of course!!


  2. Mary flynn says:

    Jill is an amazing and very talented artist! I hope your readers will scroll through her blog to see her gorgeous work.


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