Free Apples from Trevor!

guest bloggerWe hinted that there might be another free design in the works… and lucky us! It has arrived. Trevor Conquergood, founder of Sunset Stitches is here to share an MBX video lesson with us today. As part of that lesson, he is creating another juicy Apple Embroidery design. You can grab that free design here (Design #2).


Make Anything, Embroider Everything: Apple Embroidery with Trevor

by Trevor Conquergood

Janome MBX software is the best software for any Janome Embroidery enthusiast because with it you can make absolutely anything. When Debbie invited me to participate in the Apple a Day project I went right away to see if there were any vector images of apples that came with the MBX software. Bingo! There were two, and so I set out to create embroidery designs of both. Because Janome MBX software includes Corel® graphics mode you can easily create an embroidery design from vector artwork. I made a ten minute video of myself creating these two designs and posted it on YouTube. You are welcome to watch the video and see how much fun I had creating these designs.

The first design had full-colour vector artwork and all I had to do was select the image and drag the corner handle to re size it to fit my embroidery hoop. Then I use the convert to embroidery tool and the software does all of the work to convert the image to an embroidery design that we can sew. Once the new embroidery objects have been created I can easily select any one or all of them to make changes. The software has assigned thread properties such as the style of stitching however we are now in full control of the settings. If there are any parts of the converted embroidery you do not like and want to change you can easily adjust the object properties. In my case all I needed to do was “select all” and move them to the side of my hoop to leave room for the other apple I want to create.TC2

The artwork for the second design is a single colour vector that is easily converted to embroidery objects. Now I take the controls and use the hands on tools to create my own objects to fill the apple in with colour. This is a good opportunity to demo a teaching point in the video like: how to create more dimension in my design by using two stitch angles on the leaf to make it more realistic. On the red apple I used the florentine effect to create a curved pattern in the fill to make the apple look plump and juicy. Finally I selected the parts of the single colour outline and changed them to be a few different colours. You can see in the photo of this apple how interesting the florentine fill looks in the stitch out.


I hope that you enjoy this lesson.
If you have Janome MBX software and would like to learn more then you are invited to contact Trevor and receive a couple of classes to download and try. /

About Trevor:
Trevor is an independent educator who teaches classes for MBX software that you can download and watch in your own home. He is a long-time embroidery specialist

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