Little Green Apple

TerryApple As September draws to a close, we have one last free apple embroidery design to share with you, and a preview of our grand finale project.

guest bloggerTerry’s Green Apple

Janome America has partnered with us once again to share a project – this time, a downloadable apple embroidery design (free design #3)  Software specialist, Terry, greeted our request for new ideas and projects to share with her own unique digitized apple. Terry created this design using Janome MBX digitizing software. She shares a few of her digitizing details here:

  • For the apple fill and highlights, I manually digitized the shapes with the Parallel Weave Fill.
  • Once I had the shapes, I selected each shape and used the Florentine Effect to bend the direction of the stitches to create the effect that I wanted.
  • The outline of the apple is done with Outline & Offsets, and I changed the stitch type to a Backstitch Line.
  • The leaves were manually digitized using the Turning Angle Satin Fill, and leaf veins done with a Single Run Line.
  • The apple stem and leave stems were also manually digitized using the Turning Angle Satin Fill.

Terry invites users to try the design in assorted colors and “make it their own.” In case you missed them, we shared two other designs earlier this month – our logo apple and Trevor’s digitizing lesson apple. Each of these has a unique style. We hope that you enjoy using them in your own projects.

A Preview of our September 30th Project

We have really enjoyed working as a team to bring you a daily bite of sewing goodness throughout September. There is no end to all that we can learn, make and do when it comes to sewing. We hope that you will stop by to enjoy tomorrow’s finale project. It is a beauty!

Fall in love with the Janome Sewing Month Finale...

Fall in love with the Janome Sewing Month finale…

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5 Responses to Little Green Apple

  1. Wallie says:

    somehow when I click to get the little green apple, it doesn’t show up on the site where it’s suppose to to be able to download it. Any suggestions??


  2. Doffy Bourbonnais says:

    Liz, Thanks for the great presentation in Kamloops on Sept. 29th. Your talk was full of great ideas and the three hours went by so quickly. Although I am primarily a quilter, I found all of your samples very interesting. I particularly liked your suggestions for the knitted fabric and the interesting skirt samples your showed us. I have been so into quilting for the past 10 years that I had forgotten just how much I used to enjoy sewing my own clothes. I may venture in that direction again soon. Thank you again.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Doffy,
      SO glad you enjoyed the presentation. It was a fun event and such a wonderfully large turn out of interested sewers in your city.
      Happy sewing & sewing!
      Keep watching this blog – we will keep you informed of all sorts of fun sewing stuff!



  3. Ceil says:

    Oops… the third apple doesn’t seem to be on the download site. Very, very cute and thanks for sharing these!


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