Bring Out the Designer In You

Hello to the Memory Craft 15000 version 2

Our new top-of-the-line sewing, quilting and embroidery machine has arrived with one more hat for you to wear: designer.

TestAcuDesignThe new MC15000 version 2 delivers all of the great features found on the original MC15000, along with some handy new additions. The MC15000 is now the FIRST sewing machine in the world to be officially WiFi® certified. {woo hoo!} Owners can make full use of that certification using the new AcuDesign app. This powerful design tool is included free with the new MC15000. It is also available for paid download on the app store.

AcuDesign is a powerful, yet very user-friendly embroidery design tool. If you have considered digitizing, but were put off by the software learning curve, AcuDesign is for you! Go beyond the simple editing that you can do on your machine to being able to isolate and remove design parts, reorder their stitch sequencing, re-size designs with stitch density adjustments and more. You can adjust thread colors or background fabric images, preview designs in 3-D stitch format and visualize the stitch-out on-screen. You can even share your masterpieces with friends on Facebook. Check out the in-depth video presentation to learn more, or just play with the app. In about five minutes, that designer hat will start to feel pretty good.

Machine Features

Full coverage of the new MC15000 is available on this dedicated web page. Some of the great new additions include:

  • 10 additional new stitches
  • A new level of control for our exclusive Variable Zig Zag function (the delight of thread painters!)
  • One-step lock mode for safe needle threading
  • Direct stitch number selection in embroidery mode
  • Quick corner layout function for embroidery
  • One touch monochrome feature for easy conversion from multi-color to single color designs
From multi-color to monochrome in one step

From multi-color to monochrome in one step

Owners of the original MC15000 will not be disappointed, as they can download an update to their machines here, and capture all of these new features and functions. (If you have any questions about the update, be sure to check with your Janome dealer.)


There is also an update to Horizon Link Suite – your software for printing templates, working with AcuFil™ quilt embroidery and designing your own unique stitches in Stitch Composer.

This is just a brief introduction to the new MC15000. You will want to visit your Janome dealer for more information and maybe a hands-on demo.


Happy Sewing, Quilting, Embroidering & Designing!


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5 Responses to Bring Out the Designer In You

  1. Bernadette Elizabeth de Souza says:

    Can you pls tell the price of Janome 15000 v2. I am coming to Canada. I want to buy. Are there any sales.


  2. SusanOHar says:

    Love the new Janome 15000. I have been researching this equipment since the 7700 and saving my monies until the latest and greatest. I believe I made an excellent choice by waiting I love the new Janome 15000! It does it all and I recommend this machine for all of you artisans!


  3. trinagallop says:

    WOW!! That’s a gorgeous machine!!! Some day!


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