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Jennifer Tryon is an award-winning journalist with Global National, as senior investigative correspondent by day and a creative person by night.  Combining her two loves, Try On a Homemade Life was born. First as a blog and now a new video series is in the works and Janome is so proud to be part of it!

taping show Taping 1st show

As part of the process, Jennifer asked if I could digitize her logo to embroider on things.


With the Applique tool in Janome’s Digitizer MBX I created the 2 shapes that make up the ‘TV’ in the logo. I used the new free hand tool to create the lettering on the TV and one of the digitized fonts for the lettering at the bottom.

Jennifer will be at this year’s CreativFestival at the Metro Convention Centre, South Building, October 24 – 26. She will be sewing in between chatting with everyone. Please drop by and say hi!

Happy Crafting!

Linda P.

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