The New Janome Skyline

Blues Skies Ahead: Skyline S5 Debuts Today

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Hot on the heels of the release of Janome’s Horizon MC15000 version 2, comes the release today of our newest ‘top of the mid-range’ sewing machine.  The Skyline S5 is designed to provide an above average sewing experience for the customer who wants higher end features in a mid-line priced machine. The Skyline delivers, with more speed, work space, lighting and convenience features than the average sewing machine offers.

Beautiful 9mm stitching

Beautiful 9mm stitching

The Skyline is at home in any sewist’s studio – offering a wide range of 170 stitches ( and Alphabets)  to suit any sewing task.

Home Dec Projects? No problem - you have the power, speed and precision stitching to take on sturdy to delicate fabrics for cushions, draperies and more.

Home Dec Projects? No problem – you have the power, speed and precision stitching to take on sturdy to delicate fabrics for cushions, draperies and more.

The Speed (up to 1000 SPM), power and precision of Skyline will make home decor projects stitch up faster and the larger work space makes putting them together painless! That extra space will also come in handy for wrangling quilts and free-motion sewing.

Love free motion sewing

Love free motion sewing

You can see and learn more about Skyline by visiting the special web page at Skyline will also be debuting at next week’s CreativeFestival in Toronto. Of course, you can also check with your local dealer, as machines are arriving across Canada throughout this month.

Happy Sewing!

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8 Responses to The New Janome Skyline

  1. Merton Silverman says:

    where to buy in Toronto and price


  2. Robin says:

    I just bought mine today, and I love it. I still have my Janome MC4900 which is 7 years old, but I wanted to upgrade. What a difference, yet still the great Janome I am used to. I love the quality of the stitches, the feel of the machine, the automatic thread cutter, the larger harp area (to the right of the needle). It comes with a great manual and comes with a DVD. The buttons and functions seem to be well located, and the lighting is good. I won’t be able to use the presser feet from my old machine on this new machine. The Skyline has slightly larger presser feet. But it seems to make the stitching better, perhaps.


    • janomecanada says:

      Congratulations Robin – sensing the excitement as you discover all of the places you can go with your new machine! Yes – Your 4900 has 7mm accessory feet, while your Skyline can stitch up to 9mm wide. So, while your stitches can have more impact, you do also get a wider surface area of the foot to secure your fabric as you stitch. Best wishes & Thank you.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Robin,
      We are thrilled that you are so pleased with your new Janome SKYLINE. It is certainly getting a lot of very favourable reviews. Happy sewing!


  3. Amaline says:

    I’ve had mine a couple of days and LOVE IT. it’s so sturdy and powerful but super quiet, sews very smoothly with precise stitches. beautiful dec stitches. Amazing lighting on the larger work area. I’m sure I’ll have a lot more to comment on as I use it and get used to it. I look forward to creating lots of sewing projects on it this coming year :o)


  4. trinagallop says:

    How beautiful is that machine!! Love the FMQ and stitching options.


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