The Writing is On the Wall

The WHY Wall Revealed

An interactive display is added to the Janome booth under the banner of “Let the World Know Why.”

Yes you can write on our chalk wall!

Yes you can write on our chalk wall!

We don’t need a REASON to create, but it’s interesting to get to know the motivation behind projects made by attendees at the #CreativFestival.

Inspired by LOVE

The LOVE chalk wall, Grand Island, BC

The LOVE chalk wall, Grand Island, BC

Our journey to creating the Why Wall began when we were developing ideas for Janome displays at the Creative Festival. What started as a show of “mark-making on fabric” transformed into a viewers’ friendly-graffiti wall. Our inspiration? This fun, powerful, yet simple chalk wall spotted on Granville Island in B.C. A simple black painted wall with chalk piled on the ground below invites viewers to add their responses on “LOVE is… allows… conquers.”

It turns out that this wall is a project of Culture Days, whose mission in part is to: “… invite the public to participate “behind-the-scenes,” to discover the world of artists, creators, historians, architects, curators, designers and other creative people in their communities.” Sounded like a good fit for the Creative Festival Community.

Building Our Graffiti-Ready Chalk Wall 

Our challenge: how to duplicate the washable chalk wall? The solution: chalk cloth (available across Canada at lots of shops – we found ours here.) This specialty fabric has seen a rise in popularity – just a brief search on Pinterest will give you lots of ideas.

Chalk cloth is easy to work with and does not fray. However, it does crease and does not like to be overly wrinkled (remove creases by pressing with a low heat iron from the REVERSE side.) A size 14 or 16 needle (denim or topstitch) is recommended for this heavier, canvas like fabric. A longer stitch length is also recommended to avoid perforation, but we embroidered our cloth using the Janome MC15000.

A Story in Every Stitch: For, Because, To Conquer

You don’t need a reason to create, but there is often a motivation behind the energy and effort that goes into what you make; a story to be shared. Do you craft simply for fun or to keep your sanity? Is quilting a refuge or part of your heritage? Are you conquering a fear or aiding a cause? The motivations are as endless.

We will take photos throughout the Festival for sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (#WhyWall)  so that when erased, the thoughts carry on. Please stop by and add your mark.


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