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I love beads on garments and purses and accessories. My baba did it for a living on evening gowns and shoes. I would watch a she scooped beads up onto a needle as fine as your hair and pass it through the fabric and magically a flower or leaf would appear. She would sit for hours at a TV tray in her living room. On the tray were tea towels folded up with an indent in them holding a pile of beads.

I have inherited most of them and they sit stored in a cardboard box! I don’t have the patience that she did. So when I heard machine beading was going to be in our Janome classroom at CreativFestival, I was very excited.

machine beading1

Cindy Rowell has been machine beading for many years as her daughter was a skater and needed costumes with bling! She shared a lot of hints and tips working with different types of beads and threads.  Check out her article in Threads Dec 2013/January 2014!

Here are pictures from her class. They beaded on Janome 4120’s and the foot and foot holder were removed. The needle up/down, autolock and thread cutter were well used.

IMG_9679 IMG_9680 IMG_9681

We also have beading feet to attach strands of beads.  Here’s the link to that blog post.

Christmas and New Year’s is coming! Now is the time to start thinking, ‘what am I going to wear’.

Happy beading, Linda P.

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    I would love to learn that technique!


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