CreativFestival’s winner of the $10,000 Dream Sewing Room from Janome

Congratulations to Johanna M. of Tillsonburg winning the Janome Dream Sewing Room.


Included in her prize is a Memory Craft 9900, Horizon 8200QC Long Arm Sewing and Quilting Machine and Deluxe Sewing Table, Four DLB Serger, Artistic Sewing Suite Crystal Software, Artistic Press, Artistic Starter Kit and the Silhouette Cameo Cutter.

Will we get a hold of the winner?

It took about week to get a hold of Johanna after the show and I was getting worried. When I finally did she was ecstatic! She said she never wins anything and that Janome had made her day!  Then she said she has a son who is a fashion designer in Toronto! Well that made my day!

I left it with her to arrange pickup at our office in Mississauga and told her hopefully she had a big vehicle. They arrived on Wed and were completely shocked at the amount of stuff they had won. I spent the next couple of hours going through each item showing them all the cool features.  Glen was particularly impressed with the ‘industrial’ features on the machines. Speed, thread cutters and knee lift.

A little more about the winner(s)

Johanna has always been a sewer, having made clothes, including pants for her 4 boys when they were young and when they grew up she continued doing their mending and alterations. Except for her son Glen. He took an interest in sewing in Gr 11 and wanted his mom to teach him how.  She currently does just mending and hemming on a little nameless Janome, but when she retires next spring, she is going to have fun sewing on her new Janome’s for her grandchildren. Glen went on to Ryerson to study fashion design and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Apparel Design. He currently has his own business in pattern making, grading and sample making called RIGHT Angle Patterns.

As Johanna lives in Tillsonburg, I asked how she happened to come to the CreativFestival as she lives a couple of hours away. Her son Glen bought her the ticket for her birthday and invited her to Toronto for the weekend! There was a group of them that attended. Apparently there was much discussion prior to entering the show about how to fold the ticket to increase their odds at winning the grand prize. I had no idea there was a technique! Johanna defied all ideas, folded corners, fan folding, in quarters and put hers’ in flat. Happy Birthday Johanna! What a great birthday present!

Well the boxes eventually fit into the car, after fixing a flat tire and removing the head rests to stuff the Artistic Press into the backseat, they were on their way. Johanna and Glen will share the prize though there will be some discussion on who gets what!

Happy Sewing and creating Johanna and Glen! Linda P.

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  1. trinagallop says:

    What a wonderful story! Congrats Johanna!!


  2. litcoach says:

    Congratulations! It is very good to hear that these machines will be used by Joanna and her son. I’m sure she will have many happy hours of sewing, once she retires. I know I am!


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