How do you Cre8time?

A Happy Tune to Re-Connect With Your Muse

Cre8time sewingHave you heard of the CHA’s (Craft and Hobby Association’s) Cre8Time movement? Cre8time asks you to reach back and remember the joy and fun of making something. Their first video asked the question: “Why is it when we get really busy, the things we love to do most are the first to go?” Their 2014 video is a bit more playful and has all sorts of folks declaring what they will cre8time for. The images flow to the soundtrack of the tune “Art” by Halifax’s artist, poet and songwriter, Tanya Davis. Her original 2008 video, in collaboration with Andrea Dorfman is also linked below. See if you can resist drifting back to the images and ideas that paint across the screen. They might be just the thing to help you to find your own 8 minutes a day to re-discover making what you love.

Happy Sewing & Cre8ting!

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2 Responses to How do you Cre8time?

  1. Denise White says:

    I have a new Janome 9900 and am trying to learn how to embroidery but need help. Are here any videos showing how to do it step by step? I need basics like how to use stabilizer and how to get my towel on the hoop to embroidery a name on the edge. Thanks for any help you can go be me.




    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Denise,
      You should be asking your local Janome dealer who sold you the MC9900 for lessons on how to use your machine and the embroidery. If this is your first embroidery machine, there will be a learning curve. You can try online websites like & you tube – both offer video’s. There is a free one on embroidery including a towel on craftsy by Yvonne Minnear and she uses a Janome machine for her demo’s.



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