Artistic Quilter SD 18

A couple of weeks ago at the CreativFestival we introduced a new, extended family member to our line of machines. It was a huge hit, with many people stopping by to test it out!

IMG_9646 IMG_9624

The Artistic Quilter SD 18 (AQSD) is an extended body machine designed with the quilter, or thread painter, I might add, in mind. It offers the freedom of space available with large quilt frame models, but takes up a fraction of the space. The SD 18 offers an 18″ throat space and the comfort of being able to sit and quilt on a spacious 30″H x 47″W x 30″D table (with a 47 x 24″ fold up leaf). An independent bobbin winder motor allows you to always have a full bobbin at the ready, while you quilt.  AND the bobbins are type M – the largest capacity in this market!


Another favourite feature of this machine is the built in light. This light is adjustable, so you can swing it wherever you need the light. Our coworker from Japan was here for a visit, Natsumee took to the machine, like she had been doing it forever!

Please contact your local Janome dealer, for more information.

Happy Quilting, Linda P.

About LindaP

Educational Consultant for Janome Canada Ltd.
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5 Responses to Artistic Quilter SD 18

  1. AJ says:

    Do you have video of how to wind a proper tight bobbin for the Artistic SD 18


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi AJ,
      No, I dont believe there is a video. However, if you are not getting tight bobbins wound it will be becuase you do not have it threaded up properly (flossed correctly into all tension discs and thread guides? ) If you double check this, and poor bobbin winding continues, you should contact the dealer where you purchased the Artistic SD18 for further assistance.



  2. Tammy Creighton says:

    Could you please so a picture how the machine is to be threaded. Thank you


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Tammy,

      The Instruction manual which comes with this machine has diagrams and/or photo’s of how to thread this machine. The local Janome dealer can also show how to thread the machine. Sorry, we are not able to upload a pic to this comment format.



  3. trinagallop says:

    That is a DREAM machine!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


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