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Tim Horton’s Yarn-Bombed TimRunner Truck Launches Holiday Sharing, with a Soft Touch

TH YarnBombed Runner Truck

Yarn-bombing is a street art style of yarn graffiti where cuddly yarn adds color and softness to unexpected places – like the TimRunner coffee mobile.

En Route to work today, I was in the line up for my morning Tim’s and noticed their new Holiday themed cups – decked out in a red and white snowflake festooned sweater design. Cute and cozy!(imaginary note to self: will have to work with them on a quilt design for next year’s cup… sure, they’ll take that call!) I then learned that Tim Horton’s took that textile design to a whole other level by wrapping their mobile coffee station (the TimRunner) in a sweater of its own, made from 215,000 yards of yarn! (And, lest you think this is a wasteful display of crafting – that yarn is already off the truck , washed and is being turned into fresh blankets for a shelter donation!)

So, why all of this Holiday hoopla? It has almost become a tradition to snap a selfie with the seasons’ annual cup design to mark “that time of year.” Tim’s decided to help us all make the most of that by offering the hashtag #WarmWishes to include with said selfie-sharing. They will then donate a warm hat for each tagged share to kids in need – up to 10,000 toques!

So – why share the promotional efforts of our nation’s coffee powerhouse? It’s a bit of fibre-art news; stitched wishes, doing good. It’s a story that might even prompt us to ask “what goodness can I share with what I make, sew or quilt?”

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  1. trinagallop says:

    What a great reminder to be a little kinder… now if we could just carry that throughout the year! I love sharing kindness through crafting and quilting and baking. My goal this year has been to surprise those closest to me with quilts on their birthdays. So far, my Mom, my Step-Dad and my best friend have all been recipients. Working on one more quilt for my “little” brother, before the end of the year. I love the idea of them wrapped up in something that reminds me of them. 🙂


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