Where do you sew on your Janome?



Do you have a dedicated sewing space? Have you claimed a spare bedroom or a corner of the dining room? Or even the basement!

My sewing ‘room’ is a quarter of our unfinished basement, with plastic covered pink insulation walls.  The ‘walls’ are covered with patterns and inspirational articles and pictures.  But I love sewing in my kitchen! The lighting is sooo much better, I can put my machine at one end of the kitchen table and have the whole thing to support my quilt, drapes or a coat and not knock anything onto the floor.  The kitchen counter is the perfect height to embroider on.  I don’t have to stoop over to change threads!

In my travels I’ve met people who sew in their dining room, their bedrooms, even outside on their deck or patio.  A little while ago I met Mora and she told me about her granddaughter.  Amber has been sewing for a year and taking lessons. She said its her 2nd favourite thing to do, after skiing!

One day Mora was visiting and was told Amber was in her room sewing. When Mora went into the room, there was Amber laying on the floor, merrily sewing away. Mora’s first reaction was tell her that it wouldn’t work that way!  Amber’s response, ‘Yes it does, I have done it before’.

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I think its so awesome firstly that Amber loves to sew. But figured out how to use the machine just with the start/stop button and the speed control slider and do it comfortably laying on the floor!  Lets encourage this creativity by giving them the tools, showing them how and letting them do it their way.

Way to go Amber!   Linda P.

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7 Responses to Where do you sew on your Janome?

  1. We live in a small house. My sewing space is in our extra bedroom, which is also where my desk is that I work from home at. My Janome is on a 2’x4′ folding table. One of my vintage machines is in that room in a cabinet, also.


  2. litcoach says:

    I moved to a new home and had a large laundry room on the first floor, just off the kitchen. As I have become more and more involved with sewing, I moved the Ikea table out to part of the kitchen prep area and this is where I cut and use the sewing machine ( Janome, My Style). My serger is set up in the laundry room. I covered up the instant water heater with a curved curtain rod and hung a drape to which I pin my patterns that I am working on. My husband and I put up some peg board to hold tools. The kitchen prep/sewing area is not used for eating, just sewing, and I love the light and proximity to the living room/dining room/main kitchen island. Sewing is as important to me as reading. I’m now on the look out for a new Janome. When I retired, I thought I just needed a basic one for mending, but I’m hooked! http://www.learningwithdonna.com


  3. Chrissie says:

    I have a sewing room for my 7 machines … And, another area for cutting table and storage. I am so lucky because everyday except Thursday, youngins from the local school come by for an hour of sewing lessons and we laugh and tell stories and make all sorts of beautiful things. This is a dream come true for me. The girls all want to use my Janome MC15000, but they have to prove their competency on smaller and less expensive machines first. When I am by myself I spend hours doing embroidery and am learning patchwork. I also like to combine sewing and painting together on images…I am never bored,


  4. Lois w says:

    Over the years of being a military wife, I’ve made space for sewing in many ways, including a closet. But 30 years ago when my husband wanted to build a house, I told him that the only way I would move again was if I could have a dedicated sewing room, so we built the house and I got a 14×20 space. When he died 10 years later, the whole house became a sewing room. There has to be some advantage to being a widow after all.


  5. trinagallop says:

    I do have a dedicated sewing room but it’s on the second level. Most times I’ve got my M1250Q set up on the kitchen table, I’m using the kitchen island for my cutting table and the ironing board is in front of the dishwasher. I always clean up when I’m done for the night but I really lay my claim to that space when I’m “in the sewing zone!”


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