Small Shopping, Big Rewards

Shop Small Saturday & the Local Sewing Store


Officially speaking, Canada’s Small Biz Saturday was October 25, 2014… but any Saturday is a great opportunity to Shop Local.



As the craziness that is Black Friday settles down, folks turn their thoughts to the more relaxed pace of Small Business Saturday. Small businesses are often at the heart of our communities – supporting local sports teams, donating to local charities and causes and employing members of the community. If you are looking for gifts for a beginner or experienced sewist or crafter – your local sewing store is just the place to shop.

The local sewing store is often a community gathering spot of its own, where people come to learn and be inspired. An ever-changing array of samples and classes offer a creative menu to select from throughout the year. And, if you or your loved one need a little hand-holding and support – the local shop owner is there to help.

Start Right with Quality Tools

When giving the gift of sewing to someone young or experienced, a good quality sewing machine can make all the difference between planting the seeds for a life-long hobby and finding a machine in a corner collecting dust because it just was too frustrating to use. Local dealers want you to love sewing. We have heard countless stories from dealers saying that they want to help folks who come in with a $99 big box machine in need of repair – but there are no parts available for these ‘throw-away’ machines. The local dealer stands behind what he or she sells – with service and support to make the most of your investment. They can set you up with a long-lasting machine that can be handed down rather than tossed in the land-fill.

So, this Saturday, when it comes to shopping – think SMALL!



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3 Responses to Small Shopping, Big Rewards

  1. jacwhite2014 says:

    Love that ad! And so true!


  2. Sandy breslin says:

    I have had the pleasure of dealing with Tom and Kerry and staff for several years. Tom’s Sewing Center is one of the best businesses I have dealt with! Lots of support and good product as you mentioned in your comment above. Sandy


  3. lizafrica says:

    GOOD POINT well made!! Just was listening in my car to the Black Friday ads & craziness and was once again struck by the concept of shopping IN Canada and especially at small businesses. I don’t have the Stats at my fingertips but I do know that small business forms a pretty substantial % and important part of our economy.


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