All I want for Christmas is……….THE NEW JANOME SLIDING GUIDE FOOT

 A new Janome accessory has arrived!


 “All I want for Christmas is” ……the NEW Sliding Guide Foot which is compatible with horizontal hook 5mm and  7mm stitch width sewing machines.

Part No: 202-218-005.

At this time, there is no sliding guide foot for our Janome 9mm machine models.

The Sliding Guide foot is very versatile: it has many features that make edge stitching and other functions a breeze. Try it out to see just how useful it is!

Hassle-Free Foot Adjustment

Because the guide can be moved freely, various different edge-stitching widths can be sewn. By moving the little grey lever attached to the back of the foot up and down, the position of the guide can effortlessly be locked or unlocked. The guide bar moves to the left & right to the exact spot you need it for your stitching. There’s no annoying screw that needs to be tightened to fix the guide in place! Just align the edge of the fabric with the guide, and then you can stitch incredibly accurately & neatly at regular intervals.

And you can sew straight stitching such as with top stitching or decorative (see below) and utility stitching such as overcasting/neatening your seams.

Beautiful top stitching of various widths can be created effortlessly.


Convenient Scale Markings

The foot has a scale with markings in inches and millimeters to match your sewing needs. It is useful for tasks which require very accurate seaming such as 5/8 inch and 1/2 inch seams in garment construction and for putting up the hems of pants and skirts.


This sliding Guide foot can also be used for quilting such as when quilting parallel straight lines or grid quilting.

sliding-guideweb q

Decorative stitches can be sewn in a similar way to how we use the BORDER GUIDE FOOT.   sg6

Next is row 2 & 4 - the rows in between what you have just done in row1.3 & 5. use the first red line either side of the middle of the foot - as in pic above - to guide you beautifully straight between the dec stitching.  Of course, you can leave gaps between the rows if you prefer.
This JANOME BORDER GUIDE FOOT is specifically designed to sew decorative & other stitches in neat parallel rows. The Sliding Guide foot will achieve very similar results for this type of sewing. Janome gives us multiple options for our sewing and creativity!


Have you put the Sliding Guide Foot on your Christmas Wish List?

See your local Janome dealer today to order this foot.

About Janome Canada

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7 Responses to All I want for Christmas is……….THE NEW JANOME SLIDING GUIDE FOOT

  1. Susan says:

    Which size will fit a 7700 Janome?


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Susan,

      Your Janome 7700 is a 7mm wide stitch model. Please ask your local Janome dealer for the 7mm wide Sliding Guide foot (Part # 202218005) . It is available in 2 part #;s: one for 7mm and the other for 9mm models.



  2. Carolyn Meyer says:

    Is this foot available in the US?


  3. Stephanie Buckingham says:

    Too bad it is not available in 9mm. It looks very useful.


  4. Donna - Stratford, Ontario says:

    All I want for Christmas is a sliding guide foot for a 9mm machine.


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