IT’S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS…………Christmas project idea #1


I recently traveled  to Ontario to do a series of Master classes and Purple Parties with a number of our Ontario dealers & their customers as well as to attend and work at the Creativ Sewing Festival.  While at our Toronto office, I was handed a big envelope addressed to me. Mmmmmm…..what could be inside? I was not expecting anything so was real curious.  Imagine my delight when I opened up the package & found this:

Isn't this Christmas table topper just lovely?

Isn’t this Christmas table topper just lovely?













The table topper had been sent by Betty Chalker who is a Janome fan  in the USA.  She previously sent me emails and shared some of the projects she has made with her various Janome machines. This time she pulled out all the stops and decided to send a project to show us what she has been doing with her JANOME CIRCULAR ATTACHMENT .  Betty tells me that while making crazy patch circles, she had the idea to use the Janome Circular Attachment to make scallops …….doing part instead of a whole circle. Betty discovered that we can go much larger than a 10 inch circle when we make scallops!















Betty has a 5-5 1/2 inch circle applique (red) in the middle of the table topper. She used the Janome Circular attachment to stitch it down using a wide red satin stitch and a gold metallic thread applique stitch just inside the satin stitch. She also fussy cut some of the holly leaves from the fabric and appliqued those inside the red circle with a narrow zig-zag stitch & gold metallic thread.


She made 2 rows of scallops in 2 different fabrics – both edged neatly with a wide red satin stitch over the cut edges. She used the Circular attachment to do this – I bet she was thrilled with her creativity……..I know I was impressed and I think you will be too when you take a close look at the pics.

She added a layer of cream felt on the back of the topper instead of quilt batting which was a great idea: the table topper is firm & insulated for hot dishes which might be put onto a Christmas table and yet not thick & bulky like they can be with some battings.

The scalloped edge is not bound with a bias strip of fabric – No, Betty used a much easier method: she stitched a wide satin stitch enclosing the raw edges. It was a really neat edge – impressive.

Thank you so much, Betty, for sharing your creativity with us all. Happy Christmas sewing everyone!

Janome offers number of Circular attachments or stitchers – the part # applicable depends on the JANOME sewing machine model you have. Please refer to the link above or below and contact your local Janome dealer for more information. The JANOME CIRCULAR ATTACHMENT attaches to the sewing machine where you remove the bobbin cover.

You might like to also do a search on this janomelife blog for other posts on this topic: Simply type  Circular attachment in the search box & up will come all the posts where we covered this topic. For example, we featured the lovely Pinata quilts made by Libby Lehman – all embellished and appliqued using the Circular attachment.






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11 Responses to IT’S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS…………Christmas project idea #1

  1. quilty2 says:

    I have the circular attachment and find that it doesn’t lie flat and the pin keeps popping off. So, sewing is difficult when I do use it. Any suggestions?


    • lizafrica says:

      I would suggest you pop in to see your local Janome dealer & ask them to show you the correct use of the Circular attachment. I find a piece of eraser or 1/3 of a cork from a wine bottle work very well as a “stopper” on the pin. It should be lying flat so my guess is that it is not installed correctly in the bobbin cover.

      Janome Canada


  2. Deb Edwards says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention she sews on a Janome! She posted a link to the video on one of my Janome yahoo groups.


  3. Deb Edwards says:

    Here is another great idea for the circular attachment; quilting curves with the circular attachment. There was an article by Barbara Jean O’Nale in the Sept 2014 American Quilter mag & there is a youtube video to see the technique in action. I tried this & it works well. Just another fun, useful idea for this attachment.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Deb,

      Thanks so much for sharing this You Tube video. Just watched it & you are so right: she shares some neat ideas for using the Circular attachment and the info on how to make Drunked Path blocks using the Circular attachment is very clever. Think I will have to give it a whirl as well.
      Hope to see you on Tuesday?!



      • Deb Edwards says:

        Yes, I’m looking forward to Tuesday! I forgot to say her topper is beautiful & the scallops in a circle is pretty. I had done scallops with rows of decorative stitches for the ends of a table runner, but it is in the UFO pile & this has inspired me to get it out & finish it. 🙂


  4. cherylsewing says:

    That is beautiful. I now have to put on my creative cap and come up with something that can also involve Horizon Link Suite to do a border and circles – we have a “Show and Tell Tea” at our dealer’s on Tuesday.


  5. Ceil says:

    You wrote “She made 2 rows of scallops in 2 different fabrics – both edged neatly with a wide red satin stitch over the cut edges. She used the Circular attachment to do this ”
    I would love to have more information on how to do this (and I’m sure others would too)! What a beautiful result, just a lovely table topper!


  6. Sandra Clark says:

    Beautiful. What I like is the planning this sewist did to produce a beautiful item. Thanks to her for sending it in. Now I need to find a bargain on an 11000 because no foot for my 10000. Darn!


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Sandra,

      Glad you liked the post. I assume you are referring to a Circular attachment for your MC10000? There is one: it is Part # 202107000. Having said that, our newer Janome sewing & embroidery machines Like the Mc15000 and Mc9900 are incredible machine with all their updated features not to mention the larger size and 9mm wide stitches.



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