We kick off 2015 with another great giveaway:

this month another wonderful book is up for grabs. Courtesy of Storey Publishing we have the book “sew what! FLEECE” by Carol Jessop & Chaila Sekora.


This 159 page spiral bound book asks you to give fleece a chance! If you might be feeling hemmed in by fragile fabrics & complicated patterns, forgiving fleece allows you to skip right past difficult linings, traditional seam finishes and tedious ironing.    (Please note that the images below are not found in the book…..we did not want to enfringe copyright regualtions by scanning book pages!)

One of the many projects in this book .....our lucky winner will have a tough time deciding which to make!

One of the many projects in this book …..our lucky winner will have a tough time deciding which to make!


There are some really cool (or should I say warm?) projects to sew from hats & gloves to scarves; PJ’s; doggie pillows & jackets; baby bunting; blankets; robes; wraps; skirts; jackets; vests; poncho’s, leg warmers……WOW this book has a lot to offer. And to my way of thinking the best is that these are easy, quick projects that are perfect for sewing while the wind and snow swirl outside!!

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


AND we thought that January was the perfect time for a book about sewing with warm, cuddly fabrics like fleece.

Another great project in the book......this one for your favourite pooch.

Another great project in the book……this one for your favourite pooch.


As before…..all we need you to do to enter the draw for this book is to send us a comment in the box below this post giving us

  • Your name – just Mary S is OK. You don’t have to give your whole name
  • Your local Janome dealer’s store (we can ship to any Canadian dealer’s store or to your Canadian home address if you live too far from your local dealer to pop in to collect the book).
  • AND….we would like you to tell us about a winter project you made with fleece. No need to write a book….we have one for you…..just a quick couple of sentences telling us what the project was & one tip you have to share about the sewing of it.

As previously, we will randomly generate a  # by computer & match this with the # allocated to your comment.  Please don’t respond more than 1x so that we can keep things simple.  We will announce the winner of this book on Monday 2nd February on this janomelife blog.

PS – Day one & the entries are flooding in. GREAT fleece sewing ideas from quillows to dog coats to PJ’s & more…..check out the comments column. You are one talented bunch of Janome sewers…..and it IS January in Canada after all so fleece is pretty natural for us!!

fleece 3


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  1. Carol Evans says:

    I made a Pikachu hat for my daughter with yellow fleece. My tip is don’t be afraid to try making something new! I didn’t have a pattern, but winged it, I used temporary adhesive to get the eyes in the right position before I stitched them down. If the eyes look good, then the whole hat looks right. My dealer is The Quilted Bear in Ladner, B.C..


  2. Kathy isaak says:

    I would love to win this book. Love the feel and warmth of fleece. I live and my dealer is carol at the quilted bear…..


  3. June Perreault says:

    I would love the book sewing with fleece. I have 5 grand children and I am always looking for new ideas


  4. Donna Jupp says:

    I shop at Linda’s Quilt Shoppe in Kelowna I love fleece as is so cuddly and my husband needs a warm lap quilt which I would like to make with fleece and some neck warmers


  5. Linda Seemann Korte says:

    Love sewing with fleece! It is soooo comfy and cozy to wear!


  6. Gail says:

    I have found fleece to be very versatile. Not only is it really nice and soft for jackets, but also for hats and mitts. I have just finished a reversible fleece hat . It is perfect for dog coats, blankets, booties and even socks!


  7. Marilyn says:

    I shop at the sewing machine store in Saskatoon…
    my project for fleece is the tie blankets made of 2 contrasting 1 metre pieces of fleece. I use them for my doggie beds as they wash so nicely and my dogs can take them where ever they want


  8. Sandie Adam says:

    My Local store is Triangle Sewing Centre in Guelph. Back around 1999, my daughter was in kindergarten. Fleece jackets were very popular, but no pink anywhere (her favourite colour of course). I managed to find the pink polar fleece, made her a jacket, and she wore the thing out! I have also made fleece blankets for gifts.



  9. Jes Findlay Maddin says:

    I shop at Linda’s Quilt Shoppe in Kelowna (and have an abundant supply of fabric, notions and sewing machines to prove it!) I’ve made fleece blankets. A few big hearts machine-appliqued on a piece of fleece with fringed edges is a quick gift for Valentine’s day. A tip is to stitch two rows of stitching all the way around the blanket about an inch from the edge before cutting the fringe. The double stitching gives stability. A decorative stitch could also be added just inside the double row of stitching.


  10. DeniseMarie says:

    I bought 6 fleece Christmas tree skirts to make scarves, mittens, hoodies!!


  11. Susan Connell says:

    Hello I have made slippers, headbands, skating mittens and baby hats. Fleece is Fun!


  12. Sassy Lass says:

    Sassy Lass from Sew Fun in Atascadero CA.I made fleece toys for my little one- including a multicolored soccer ball.


  13. Sarah says:

    I made footie sleepers for my children when they were toddlers, hat and mitten sets, and recently a pair of pants for my son. My advice is to cut a little larger than you think because the fleece takes up much more room than cotton.


  14. Christina says:

    Christina E – I made a quillow with fleece. If I had one bit of advise, it would be to use the correct needle!!!!


  15. Jane Louca says:

    I made a fleece and knit jacket for my one year old grand daughter. Don’t have any tips of my own ….yet.


  16. Anita Kingdon says:

    I made two pairs of sleeping pants for my pregnant daughter in law – used the elastic you buy with cording build in so the pants can expand as the new grandchild grows. She will be able to use them after the baby is born as well. With a new one on the way, I’m sure I could make use of that book for both newborn and new mom.
    Anita K.
    Email for home address as listed below


  17. Doreen Huston says:

    Doreen Huston who shops at Snip and Stitch, Nanaimo (way too often I might add)! The quickest and easiest fleece serger project that I have ever made is a kind of tube touque that I used to dash off for everyone to keep their heads warm when we used to race Siberian huskies.


  18. Elaine says:

    Elaine H. As a beginner sewer, I have never sewn with fleece, but would like to learn. A new baby is on the way in my extended family, so I’ll have a great reason to make little fleece items. Sewing World, Calgary


  19. Silvana Ho says:

    Silvana H. I made quillows (quilt/pillow) for my kids which we kept in the van for travelling on those cold winter days/nights. I finished them off with a blanket binding but serging the edges would have been just as good and much quicker.


  20. Jenifer Soto says:

    Jeny S. I made fleece hats and the money raised went to a charity called Feed My Starving Children in Arizona. I would love to learn new skills with that book :)))))


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