I was real excited to be able to demo & promote the new ARTISTIC QUILTER SD 18  while at the CREATIV FESTIVAL in Toronto towards the end of October. I LOVE it! I put in an order today for one as I just have to have my very own one for my free motion quilting at home……It is so smooth, a whopping 18 inch throat space and a simply wonderfully large table surface to support our largest quilts. If space is an issue, this table flaps down for more compact storage. Then just open it up when you need it.

I also LOVE the light which is attached to the machine with a flexible goose neck so that you can shine the light exactly where you need to see. Simply wonderful.


I think I am particularly impressed with the configuration of the machine. You sit down (BTW that is what the SD in the model name stands for…..serious!) at this ARTISTIC QUILTER SD  just as you would at a regular sewing machine……only this one is much larger.  We are so familiar with this angle and configuration so the learning curve is virtually zero. Many of the other brands have opted for the configuration where the machine is at a 90 degree angle from where you sit…..this does take a bit of getting used to. So our Artistic Quilter  SD has a distinct advantage.



AND the speed is simply incredible at 3000spm together with the ability to adjust this speed depending on your comfort level and the type of free motion quilting project you are busy with. AND it has a BUILT -IN bobbin winder using the largest M size bobbins (no bulky and clunky separate bobbin winders on this machine!)

Oh, and did I mention that it is solid metal….built like a “work horse” with very high quality standards? I could go on & on…….. this machine is awesome.  Is it any wonder that I have added my name to the list so that I can be one of the new Artistic Quilter SD owners…… Can’t wait!

Another happy customer trying out the new Artistic Quilter SD

Another happy customer trying out the new Artistic Quilter SD

Please refer to our other janomelife blog posts about this machine for more information or see your local Janome dealer today. These models have just arrived in Canada and may be seen at selected Janome dealer’s stores.

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