Darian at RED DEER SEWING CENTRE in Red Deer, Alberta has sent me pics of a really great project she made on the JANOME SKYLINE S5  sewing machine. I thought I’d share the pics with you.

Red Deer (in case you don’t know) is approximately halfway between Calgary & Edmonton…..I have driven that road many, many times over the years & love visiting this store with owners Rolly & Karen and staff like Darian (who made this sample). I also thoroughly enjoy meeting customers at this Red Deer store…..we’ve had some fun over the years including their Christmas lunch last December when I was lucky enough to be town to join in! Incidentally, Red Deer Sewing Center is one of our top Janome dealers in Canada. Consistently, year after year, they keep sewers & quilters in their area of Alberta happily sewing, quilting & embroidering. S5 sample 4Darian used decorative stitches on the JANOME SKYLINE S5 sewing machine to embellish the “buildings” in her sample. How clever is that! And I’ll bet it was a lot of fun too.

S5 sample 3

She also made great applique letters for the wording . Darian used a digital cutter to cut the fabric too. Can you imagine having to cut out those letters with a pair of scissors? SO fiddly…..but a pure delight to use a digital cutter like our brand spanking new Artistic Edge 15 Digital cutter which will cut all those letters including the fusible web backing in a matter of a minute or 2…….seriously, it is that fast!  Red Deer Sewing Centre has promoted our digital cutters for a long while and will very soon have our new model in stock: the Artistic Edge 15 Digital cutter.

I am totally loving the simplicity and speed at which I can create any shape I want in the Artistic Simple Cut software (which comes with the cutter): hearts, letters, leaves, flowers…..and then cut my fabric out, rip off the release paper on the back & fuse onto my project. SO easy and less time consuming than other methods.  Of course, this digital cutter does not only cut fabric – it also cuts paper, card stock, vinyl, templates for many purposes such as etching glass, crystal & rhinestone application and sew much more.

This Artistic Edge 15 Digital cutter is now available in Canada at participating authorized Janome dealers.

S5 sample 2

The buildings are appliqued onto the background and the heavy black line with skyline machine emblem above the buildings was stitched with stitch #45 in Mode 1.

For more information about our JANOME SKYLINE S5 sewing machine and/or the new ARTISTIC EDGE 15 DIGITAL CUTTER, please contact your local, authorized Janome dealer.


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