Spotlight on a Beginner Digitizer

Recently a Janome customer reached out to me for advice on embroidering socks. I learned she recently purchased our Janome DMBX software and was having fun experimenting. I asked if she would share images of what she has done as I was so impressed!  Here is Senka’s story in almost her own words. I edited it a wee bit and added the pictures she sent.


My mother bought a sewing machine when I was 10 years old, around the time my sister was born and I immediately tried to sew some things for her. I always remember the first gray pants with red flowers I made for her.

During the war in my home country I had to leave home. I spent 5 years in Germany were I worked in a museum and did alterations on clothes and wedding dresses.

When I came to Canada in 1999 I studied language and did some computer courses. That helped me later with my Digitizer MBX software.

When my sister got married I wanted to make something for her because I couldn’t attend the wedding. She sent me a picture of the dress she loved, so I could make it for her and some special wedding embroidered towels with the Serbian Coat of Arms for her Serbian Wedding.

Best Man - Maid of Honor on organza Maid of Honor on satin

My first embroidery machine had just 4X4“hoop. With that hoop size I didn’t have many options to make what I want. To personalize those towels I needed better machine. When I saw the Janome 12000 I had to have it. As soon as I got it home, in June 2013, I knew I had to buy software, Digitizer MBX, to get full use of the machine.

Montenegro 1girl

From that moment I spent many hours studying the software, online and with video tutorials. With every project I learn new things. I embroidered Montenegro flag and because of big size I had to multi hoop. With Janome Digitizer MBX I was able to personalize my first memory quilt. And then I got chance to make another one for my friend when she lost her loving mother. I was able to tell the story using embroidery machine and Digitizer MBX.

Memory quilt

Thank you Senka for sharing and inspiring us! What have you created with your software? Let us know and we can share your story.       Linda P.

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  1. Donna Morton says:

    Beautiful work! Thanks so much for sharing.


  2. Holly Johnson says:

    WHat a lovely way to create lasting memories… such beautiful embroidery!


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