Quilt Auctions & Appraisals

stackofquilts1-195x300Have you ever been to a quilt auction?  I can honestly say, I’ve hadn’t heard of them!  I thought everyone kept all the quilts they made or gave them all away as gifts.

The New Hamburg Mennonite Relief Auction was held over the last weekend in May where 190 quilts were auctioned for charity. The showcased quilt “Threads of Africa” caused quite a frenzy in the audience.

african quilt

The video from the auction was shared by our dealer, Oakville Sewing. You must watch the 3 1/2 minute video to the end to see how much this quilt went for. You won’t believe it!!!

Wonder what your quilt is worth? There are qualified quilt appraisers across Canada.  And from what I have heard and read, its important to have your quilts appraised. If you ever had to make an insurance claim, your quilt could be assessed as blanket with the value at maybe $30 – $50!!!!!  Wow that’s what I paid for just the batting in my quilt!

Some quilt shows will have an appraiser on site by appointment. Or check out these links for more information on appraising your quilts and even becoming an appraiser.




Happy Quilting $$$, Linda P.

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