Decorative Stitches Add Dynamic Detail to Projects

Do you Have a Go-To Favourite?

WCFSdecstitchesToday, over at Will Cook for Shoes (WCFS), Trina shares a great new project for the sewing room in Sew Organized. Her Sewing Machine Mat is an elegant and practical project for dressing up your sewing space. The project pockets provided a great opportunity for using decorative stitches.

When was the last time that you ventured away from your straight or zigzag stitch?

A while back, Sew4Home offered a fun Decorative Stitch Sampler project. This is a simple exercise that can provide you with a go-to reference stitch menu. Change things up with different thread types and weights and you can really start to see all sorts of potential for your machine’s stitches. Imagine this framed project as an embellishment for the walls of your sewing room; just pick your decorative colour palette and start designing!

Sew4Home's Decorative Stitch Sampler: A contemporary twist to a traditional craft (Image: Sew4Home)

Sew4Home’s Decorative Stitch Sampler: A contemporary twist to a traditional craft (Image: Sew4Home)

We’ve Got a Foot For That

Decorative stitches have the potential to be combined in different combinations to take on an altogether new look. If you want to stack rows of stitching together and keep them aligned, the Janome Border Guide Foot is a handy tool to have on hand. This foot can be used to create even spacing for parallel rows of stitches. The handy horizontal marked line also indicates your needle drop position for aligned start and stop points.

Change up thread colors (image: Sew Divine)

Change up thread colors (image: Sew Divine)

Easy Row Upon Row (Image: Janome Life)

Easy Row Upon Row (Image: Janome Life)

Experimenting with your stitch menu can go beyond changing up thread colors and weights. You can also adjust stitch width and length for different effects. Playing with the stitch balance can also change the look of some stitches, giving you more options from even the most basic machines.



Janome Shop at Home Sampler for model G1212 by Lisa Graves

Drop by Will Cook for Shoes to check out Trina’s Skyline Project and think about how your machine’s stitches can add style to your next sewing adventure.

Happy Stitching!

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