MAKING MERRY : Liz T. Edition

Making Merry RedWelcome to Day 2 of Making Merry with Janome: A Mug Rug

It is certainly that time of the year when we like our steaming mugs of coffee; hot chocolate or tea. Mug rugs make a great addition to any sewists creative space and provide an opportunity to try new methods in a small format. Today’s Merry sample involves a variety of techniques, but you can do most anything: applique, printing on fabric or mini modern quilts juts to name a few.

Simple Cut Mug Rug Instructions

This little project uses 3 different techniques in our SIMPLE CUT SOFTWARE. This software comes included with the purchase of our ARTISTIC EDGE 15 DIGITAL CUTTER & PLOTTER.


Here’s how we made this mug rug:

  • Open the Simple Cut software. Select New and up will pop the Techniques menu. Select Cut, Embroidery and Crystals.
Note the green button showing I have selected 3 of the 5 techniques seeing as I want to cut the snowflake; I want to embroider/applique-in-the-hoop around the snowflake AND I want to add crystals.

Note the green buttons showing I have selected 3 of the 5 techniques seeing as I want to cut the snowflake; I want to embroider/applique-in-the-hoop around the snowflake AND I want to add crystals.

  • Press next, select the fabric type, hoop size & brand + the size of the cutting mat.
  • Then import the snowflake graphic from wherever it is saved on the computer (I have mine in a folder I named Edge Cutter).
  • The software then asks me if I want to open the snowflake graphic as a backdrop or do I want to trace it to form outlines? I chose trace as it is much easier to let the software create all those fiddly little edges than me do it manually! Keep going with accepting the default settings until you reach this screen:

snwflake applique

  • Notice there are different techniques or functions showing at the top of the Object Properties box: Running & Satin Serial refer to the applique embroidery; Array & Crystals to the crystals function – which I will add later; and Cut to the function which will cut my snowflake.
  • NO way was I ever going to cut such a fiddly snowflake applique with a pair of scissors!  There are just not enough minutes available for me to waste on things like that. But I am right there ready to send it to the Artistic Edge Digital cutter which cuts it for me in a matter of seconds. Seriously! I prepped the fabric as discussed in earlier posts (November 2015) and then cut the turquoise cotton fabric out on the high tac mat in the cutter using the yellow cap blade. The fabric had fusible web ironed to the back, so I just peeled away the release paper and put it to one side for the hoop embroidery part…..coming up.

snwflake applique

  • Notice the snowflake has been outlined and the applique stitch I selected was the blanket stitch or traditional applique stitch. Next I need to send the design to my Janome Embroidery machine.  I can do this with whatever method I prefer: wirelessly from my laptop to the Janome MC15000;   save the design to my USB stick; or via the direct cable connection.
  • Hoop up the MC15000 SQ14 embroidery hoop with stabilizer, baste the pale turquoise mug rug fabric onto the stabilizer and position the snowflake where you want it to stitch out on your mug rug. Stitch the placement line – colour #1. Then lay the cut snowflake down on top of the placement line so it is perfectly lined up.  Of course, you can use ANY of our Janome Embroidery machines to do this embroidery. Our MC15000, MC12000, MC9900 and the new MC500E all have this wonderful basting function and the ability to stitch out appliques.
  • Remove the hoop from the machine and use a mini iron to fuse the applique in position. Do this carefully so as not to dislodge anything nor melt or burn the side of the hoop (hence the suggestion of a mini iron)!
  • Back at the embroidery machine, Stitch colour #2 which is the applique stitching.
  • All that remains is to apply the crystals to the snowflake. Please refer to the blog post published last month on 23 November for the how to technique details for doing this. Here is the template material which I cut for the snowflake


  • Next I “sandwiched” the mug rug with low loft batting and a backing fabric. The sandwich was returned to the embroidery machine for a quick little quilting design in the other half of the mug rug.  This time I hooped up with a piece of water soluble stabilizer which will wash away later before I make my cup of tea!
  • The mug rug was trimmed and then bound with the Janome Quilt Binder set. There are numerous blog posts featuring this incredible attachment. Please search for Quilt Binder set in the search box.  But stay tuned as we will do another post about this incredible JANOME QUILT BINDER SET which binds our quilts so quickly and easily. It is a great item to put on your Christmas Wish List if you do not already own one.

Sneak Peek for Day 3

stockingsTomorrow we will be visiting Jackie W. (Quite possibly the Queen of Polka Dots) for our next stop on the Making Merry Blog Tour. See you then!


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7 Responses to MAKING MERRY : Liz T. Edition

  1. Susan says:

    Oh boy! Oh boy! Liz from Janome Canada! I have a question for you. The techniques window, which I have seen a few times on the web, seems to be connected to that pair of scissors in the tool bar. I think. I don’t seem to have that. The software opens up to fabric choice when I select new from the file menu. The scissors are not shown. Do you think this is because the software is 7.0? Is this techniques menu available on the 7.1 update?

    I might try to make this snowflake when i get sorted out. The real interest I have is cutting the fabric and appliqué on my embroidery machine. Can’t wait to get to that point.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Susan,

      Unfortunately we are not able to offer in-depth answers to software queries on this blog forum. We do, however, have a software helpline which is specifically for this purpose. You may email them out of or (look for the Software/technical support buttons). Or you can phone them at 1-800-631-0183 Ext 775. Please do allow about 5 business days for a return call as they deal with the whole of North America and are very busy. And do give a phone number where you can be reached during EST business hours.

      I can tell you that you MUST have the latest update to the software. You omitted to mention which software you are referring to so I am guessing you are talking about Simple Cut with the Artistic Edge cutter? Here is the link to download the free update to the software. This is ESSENTIAL. If I am correct in my assumption that you have version 7.0 of Simple Cut, you do need version 7.1 and I’m sure you will be fine after you have your software updated.



  2. Terri Allen says:

    Liz can you let me know where the snowflake graphic is from? Also I ordered the green pen holder for the cutter – what size sharpie pens fit into it. Thank you.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Terri,
      I answered you previously on this same query. Sorry I can’t be of more help:

      Sorry, no, I cannot remember. One night I spent many hours down a “rabbit hole” on the Internet looking for images of snowflakes & cutting files. I saved the ones I liked and used one of them for my mug rug.
      Just google: images of snowflakes and/or google for “free cutting files” Add in the word snowflake if you want to narrow the search a little. But make cup of coffee – you will need time and patience when surfing the web!!



  3. Judi Gottfried says:

    Thank You Liz! Something to print and follow!!

    Looking forward to doing this project and learning my new Artistic Edge!

    Cheers, Judi Gottfried

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