Making Merry: Linda P. Edition

Making Merry RedWelcome to Day 11 of Making Merry with Janome

Today, Janome Educational Consultant, Linda P. joins us to share an idea for stitching and embellishing from the wrong side of your fabric. Maybe this will be just the technique that you need for finishing off one of your projects?

Gift Giving for Today, or Maybe Tomorrow…

We have been making merry at the Janome office, decorating the tree, sending Christmas cards and sewing of course!20151210_111305

My Christmas sewing has always been well intended and always down to the wire. I love making ‘handmade’ Christmas gifts for my family.  One year I made 25 fleece hats. Remember those long stocking ones that looked like dragons? And I’ve been known to give a gift of fabric with the pattern and notions, and a note, “return to sender,” to be made at a later date!!!

This year I’ve made a few table runners. These are very simply made, but with a little bit of embroidery, makes them more special.  But not just regular embroidery! This is bobbin work embroidery.

Creating Bobbin Work Embroidery

You will need:

  • Heavier thread to fill the bobbin (Pearl Crown Rayon, crochet thread, button thread, etc)
  • Metallic thread
  • Needle for sewing with metallic thread (size 14 topstitch, red tip or metal thread specialty needles work)
  • Blue dot, low tension bobbin case
  • Thin batting or flannel to stabilize the embroidery
  1. Wind your bobbin with a heavier thread, Pearl Crown Rayon for example. Depending on the thread, you may wind the bobbin by hand or by machine. Use the low tension bobbin case. It has a blue dot on it, so not to mix up with your regular one.  Check with your Janome dealer for the right one for your machine.IMG_1663
  2. Working on the WRONG side of the fabric, mark your embroidery positions. I added a layer of Warm and Natural to support the embroidery designs (no stabilizer) and give it some body down the center.
  3. Mark the embroidery placement directly onto the batting with a marker.
  4. Select you embroidery design.Those with simple lines are best. Quilting designs are perfect! I used the MC9900, design #4 in the Quilt folder, reduced to 80%, copied it and arranged them to overlap.
  5. Use metallic thread in the needle, as it will show on the RIGHT side of the fabric.
  6. Set the sewing speed to slow for embroidering.
  7. Leave long tails of heavy thread to pull to the wrong side of the runner and knot in place.


partial table runner

You can see the twinkle of the metallic thread catching the heavier bobbin thread

  1. Finish up the runner with tassels and decorative stitch ‘tacks’ using metallic thread to hold the layers together.

bobbin work

My wish to you, is that you get it all done ;-)!
Merry Christmas,
Linda P.

Sneak Peek of Day Twelve

bundleWe can’t say much about our final day of making merry other than “Bundles of Joy” are involved



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