Making Merry: That’s a Wrap Edition

Welcome to Day 12 of Making Merry with Janome

Making Merry RedToday we wrap up our 12 days of holiday focused sewing and crafting with, well… wrapping. Instead of sewing, we look at the eco-friendly, Japanese tradition of furoshiki (the link is an excellent introduction by photographer, Takuo Hirata) and adopt it as a way of gift-giving amongst fabric enthusiasts. (Also, be sure to read to the end for a little surprise from Janome Life!)


A Little Background

Furoshiki began as a way of carrying and securing possessions, but grew to become a means of bundling and presenting gifts of all shapes and sizes in simple to ornate cloth squares. The cloth often holds meaning in its color and design. Japan’s minister of the environment has renewed interest in furoshiki as the eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. In Japan today, gifts may be wrapped in paper or fabric, but they are typically covered or contained out of respect and politeness. Even simple or common store purchases are often carefully placed in a bag by the shopkeeper  and secured with tape or a seal.

Furoshiki design from Kaijustudios (now Observatory)

A Mini Tour of Techniques

There are many ways to wrap your fabric covered bundles. You can see further  illustrated wrapping guides here.

Making your own Furoshiki cloth is as simple as selecting a fabric and finishing the edges. You can use a rolled, folded or serged hem to keep the fabric from fraying. The fabric can be left un-embellished, or you can add your own designs to impart best wishes and good luck to the recipient. Check out this simple tutorial from Canadian blogging team Marisa and Elias at Omiyage.


This video is a great resource for better understanding the furoshiki concept:

A Merry Give-Away

bundlesAs a way of saying thank you for joining our 12 days of Making Merry, we want to offer you a chance to win a bundle of fabrics for your sewing and crafting. If you have been following’ s 100 Quilt Blocks in 50 days, you may recognize this collection.

100 Quilt Blocks_banner1-01Our bundle features NINE fat quarter sets. (that’s nine sets of ten FQs; 90 little furoshiki cloths or quilt blocks? )

You can enter to win this collection simply by commenting below (Only comments on the “Day 12” post will be counted in the draw) and letting us know how you Made Merry this season – what did you craft as a gift, for around the house or just for you? (And, if you would like to visit us on Facebook, we would appreciate your ‘likes’ too!).

Making Merry blueThis gift will be awarded by random draw on Tuesday, December 15, 2015. It is open to all visitors with a Canadian mailing address (sorry – we know that many of you visit from all around the globe, and we hope you keep coming to see us!)

Thank you to all for the Merry Making, especially to our guest Artisans: Nicole , Jackie , Trina, Sherri, Tamara, and Cynthia.





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62 Responses to Making Merry: That’s a Wrap Edition

  1. Connie Johnson says:

    I made a holiday coaster set, a stationery holder, and decoupaged holiday fabric to small serving plates. It was fun to choose which fabric to use with each project. I’m looking forward to making today’s wrap project. I have an Asian inspired print that will be perfect to use. Thanks for all of the Making Merry projects. They have been so inspiring!


  2. Bonnie Bucholtz says:

    I’m making a dog coat for my son’s pet this Christmas!


  3. Brenda Lacourciere says:

    I made slippers for all my family.


  4. Roseline says:

    Thank you gor an enjoysble and productive 12 days. Nuce to see Cynthia Frenette on your post.


  5. Steven Morgan says:

    Making two lap quilts as gifts… Denver Broncos and Steelers!!!


  6. Kelly O'Reilly says:

    Made a couple of Cape jackets for sister and mom. Thank you for all the fabulous ideas & techniques.


  7. This is a fabulous story and I love the meaning behind this “wrapping”. Thank you for sharing the story, tips, and video presentation 🙂
    I made Merry this season by crafting my girlfriends birthday decorations. A few garlands were made to dress the areas guests would use during the celebration. The garlands are for her home and she can use them any time she has a tea party or all year long over her tea corner.


  8. Darlene Reese says:

    I spend my winters in Arizona, and am currently busy making hats and blankets for the needy. Every Christmas I make hats, blankets, or pyjamas and donate them to the Salvation Army, so lots of kids will be warm this winter.
    Last Christmas a group of church people took some of my blankets into Mexico and gave them to the needy down there.
    Christmas is all about children and it makes me feel great to be able to help them.
    Darlene R


  9. Lori says:

    Whew, the parcels are mailed and today I finally got to work on a project for myself!! Even though I have spent a lot of time making quilted gifts for others, I have made time in my schedule to read your “Making Merry” articles each morning. So many ideas, so little time to try everything out! Merry Christmas to all!


  10. Terry Schumaker says:

    The twelve days of Christmas inspired me to keep focused on learnng my new Janome 15000 machine and completing two quilts for my twin granddaughters. I am looking forward to the new year to try new projects using some of the techniques I learned. Thank you.


  11. Debra says:

    Loved the ideas from the “12 Days”! Especially loved the Graceful Gray sewing machine for my 8 year old granddaughter who is learning to sew/quilt! I’ve been sewing/embroidering mug rugs for teachers, dog groomer, vet, hair stylist and friends on my 8900 and new 500e.


  12. Carol says:

    Great way to wrap a quilter’s gift…a gift that keeps on giving!


  13. Rina Wheeldon says:

    Thank you for your 12 days of inspiration. I love the idea of wrapping presents in cloth. I will add a note that the fabric can be returned to me with a request to make something with it.


  14. Delaine says:

    I have really enjoyed this 12 Days of Making Merry and those fabric bundles are beautiful! This year I completed a quilted Christmas table cloth and matching curtains for my kitchen, made with Hunter’s Star blocks. Thanks!


  15. shirley says:

    have enjoyed the past 12days of


  16. Gladys M antel says:

    Love all the designs for the last 12 days. Will certainly be using the Furoshiki gift wrapping this year.


  17. Connie Hendren says:

    I have enjoyed the 12 Days of Making Merry, and especially the furoshiki. I will definitely try this for gift wrapping. I often experiment with free motion designs on test fabric and didn’t know what to do with them. Now I have a purpose.


  18. Geraldine Deppe says:

    Loved them all! Great inspirations and will wrap my gifts in the Japanese fahion this year! Thanks to all of the designers.


  19. Debbie Cowan says:

    Thanks for the wonderful ideas over these 12 days. I’ve been learning free motion quilting and am practising on some coasters for Christmas. I was delighted to see the Furoshiki tutorial – our son spent a year in Japan and I think I will use this for his Christmas wrapping.


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