Digital Cutter Artistic Edge 15: techniques

I know that I am repeating myself but it is a ‘MUST’ to practice various techniques by making as many samples as it is possible to learn how  your new machine works.

We recognize this new digital cutter Artistic Edge with the logo; so, I will start my demonstration of different technique with the Artistic logo which is the flower and the ‘E’ for Edge.

On the next picture, there are five techniques:

  • The logo ‘edge flower’ at the higher left top is embroidery with straight stitches
  • Then the two flowers are also embroidered with a straight stitch
  • The same two flowers at the bottom right are embroidered with zigzag stitch ‘Satin Serial’
  • In the center, from left to right the ‘e’ for ‘edge’ is embroidered with a chain stitch motif that was chosen under  ‘ Running’
  • In the middle, I choose the ‘Crystals’ function for the ‘e’
  • At the right the ‘e’ is embroidered with a zigzag from ‘Satin Serial’

In this sampler there are 4 variations

Now, on the next sample, I used the Artistic Edge 15 digital cutter to cut the fabric for an ‘applique’. We have to prepare the fabric and iron wonder-under (or similar fusible product) on the wrong side. This will stiffen the fabric making it easier to cut a clean, crisp edge. After the cutting, we simply pull the paper from the wrong side to iron the applique to the right side of the second/background fabric.

  • On the left, here is the cutting for the ‘applique’
  • On the right, this is the opposite piece of the fabric that can be used for ‘reverse applique’

You can add the ‘FRAME’ function

With the ‘Edge’ it is possible to choose the ‘Frame’ cutting function

The ‘EDGE’ easily cuts intricate shapes, and it is possible to select more than one option at the same time as you can see in this example.

  • The left flower is embroidered with a straight stitch in ‘Running’
  • For the right flower I choose the function ‘Crystals’ and the frame is cut with the ‘applique’ function and then ironed to the fabric. All were cut in one single step.
  • At the right bottom, the flower was cut with the ‘applique’ function and embroidered with the applique stitch
  • All the cut parts can be used: applique, reverse applique, frame all in a single operation and also one pass… many in one !!!

There are 4 variations in this sampler

And this is just a beginning… more techniques will follow… stay tuned!!!

Please visit your local authorized Janome dealer in your area to see their samples and to participate in a demonstration!

About Céline Ross

À cause des imprévus de la vie, j'ai changé de carrière très tôt dans ma jeune vie d'adulte. Toute mon éducation scolaire, du primaire au secondaire et jusqu'au professionnel, m'a été enseignée par les religieuses CND qui étaient... très exigeantes. Ces professeurs m'ont inculqué le goût de bien apprendre, l'appréciation du travail bien fait et l'envie de toujours me perfectionner. Je n'aurais jamais osé ouvrir mon École de couture sans cette formation ni cette certification. Lorsque je deviens revendeur autorisé Janome en avril 1982, la compagnie poursuit ma formation côté machine à coudre et je deviens Éducatrice. Mon travail est varié; je donne des formations aux marchands Janome pour l'Est du Canada et d'ailleurs. Je participe à des Salons, à Janome Institute, je publie un cyber bulletin, j'ai fondé un 'Club de broderie' à Montréal en 1994 et, depuis l'année dernière, chez d'autres marchands. Je confectionne des échantillons avec les nouveaux produits que Janome ne cesse de développer. Et, depuis aujourd'hui, je blogue ! Après toutes ces années dans ce domaine, je garde toujours le même enthousiasme à apprendre et à transmettre mes connaissances. Janome est à la fine pointe de la technologie moderne et ne cesse de me faire progresser.
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4 Responses to Digital Cutter Artistic Edge 15: techniques

  1. Céline Ross says:

    Thank you Donna !


  2. jenijan says:

    Hi Celine I have just bought an MC15000. Although I am an accomplished sewer this machine is completely new to me. Where do I start? I am going on the newbie course soon but of course I want to get started ASAP. I have done one simple embroidery design to date! Can you help me please? Jenifer Toms

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    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Jenifer,
      Thank you for your query all the way from the UK. I do know Janome UK has a wonderful training program in place so you are in very good hands. Perhaps a good place to start until you attend this training, is to watch the Instructional DVD packed with your machine as well as work through the Instruction manual to familiarize yourself with many of the awesome features on this machine.
      You might like to do google and You tube searches as there is also quite a bit of information and learning there about the Janome MC15000. has video and more information.
      Also do a search on this janomelife blog as we have done many posts on this machine.

      Enjoy your new “toy”!



  3. Donna M from Snip and Stitch says:

    Great post Celine! Good ideas for learning all the functions of the software and cutter.


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