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We welcome guest blogger Trina Gallop Blank of Will Cook For Shoes to Janome Life as she shares quilting tips, techniques and inspiring images from her sewing adventures.


Hexagon Mini Quilt

My last guest post for Janome Life was just as we begun 2016 and was appropriately a look back at 2015 and what projects I completed, what I learned, and how my sewing progressed over the last year.

It’s always interesting for me to compile a list like that because I often come to the realization that I’ve accomplished way more than I think I did. As I start going back through photos, blog posts and projects, I always find things I don’t even remember working on.

All of this got me thinking about setting some sewing and quilting goals for 2016.

Why we set goals:


We can set goals for many different area of our life – career goals, family goals, fitness goals, sewing goals… but why do we do it?

For me, goal setting helps me focus my efforts and organize my time. By setting goals you articulate what it is you want to accomplish. When you start checking off some of your goals, you motivate yourself. By putting your goals and intentions in writing, it also gives you a chance to look at things from a big picture point of view. Once you have done that you can evaluate whether your goals are achievable – too much? too little? Or juusssst right?

Okay – lets get to some of the fun sewing goals I’ve set for myself for 2016.

 2016 Sewing Goals:

  •  Clean out my sewing machine more often! So some of these goals are more about achievements and others are about being organizing and creating a good sewing practice. This is definitely the latter. You heard it here first, in 2016 I will take better care of my sewing machine and clean out the lint from around the bobbin case after Every. Project. While I’m at it, I’ll also change the needle after every major project (i.e. a quilt project) is completed.



This sweet stash has been on my shelf for over two years. Not only that, it was intended to be a project for our home… a quilt for the bed. This year, I will make this quilt happen.


  • Work through my fabric stash. Self explanatory… I will work more with the fabric I have and try to be mindful of buying fabric that has an intended purpose (other than to just look pretty on my sewing room shelves).
  • Use my skills to give back more. Last year I had this idea of sewing colourful and bright pillowcases for patients at the local Children’s Hospital. For whatever reason, I never found the time for it (because I didn’t formally set it as a goal?). This year it’s time to act on this idea and make it happen.
  • Take a class. I love learning new things! I find that continuous learning gives me energy. I will take at least one online class and one in-person class in 2016.
  • Teach a class. For years I taught cake decorating (baking is my first crafty love – hence my blog, Will Cook for Shoes) and loved to share my love for this creative outlet with other people. It was fun to see things through fresh eyes. I’d love to venture into teaching sewing (just beginners, of course!) but maybe a small project-based class. I think it would make me raise the bar on my own knowledge, too.


  • Enter a quilt in at least one quilt show in 2016. I did this for the first time last year. It was the preverbal toe in the water. Spoiler alert, I didn’t win anything, but I had some lovely comments on my mini quilt (titled: Flower Child Basset Hound Mini Quilt). I’d like to create something not just for a quilt show but with a quilt show in mind so that I encourage myself to stretch beyond where I feel I’m currently at with my quilting skills and to set the bar higher.
  • Participate in a Quilt-a-long (QAL). I have see so many great ones lately and it’s a wonderful way to space out quilt blocks, learn new techniques, try designs and colours that you may not traditionally gravitate towards, and connect with a wider community!

When I look at all these goals, I think they are all achievable in 2016 but also would help me move my sewing and quilting forward this year. And, now that it’s in writing for all of you to read, I’m accountable for them, too!

Do you set goals for yourself? If you do, what are your sewing and quilting goals for 2016?

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5 Responses to 2016 Sewing Goals

  1. Wanda Steiner says:

    Great idea for quilting-setting goals! What you write down happens! I just retired and I am looking forward to really getting acquainted with my Horizon 7700 now. I bought it when they first came out but my day job (owned a business) kept me from really enjoying it. I also teach quilting/piecing and I plan to resume that focus now. I had a 6600 first and really liked it and then I upgraded to the 7700. I always promote the 6600 to my beginner students and they have all had very good experiences.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Wanda,

      We are pleased you like our Janome products. Have a wonderful time playing in your sewing room and Happy Retirement!



  2. Marilynn Nelson says:

    Trina Thankyou for the inspiring talk on sewing goals!! You have definitely inspired me. Looking forward to reading your blog this year


  3. holmar58 says:

    Flower Child Basset Hound is amazing! I am looking forward to seeing the finished quilt in the beautiful blue fabric from your stash! 😊


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