Artistic EDGE & My Editor

With the purchase of the digital cutter Artistic Edge 15, the software SimpleCut is included. While you are doing the installation you notice that there is another software to install which is  my editor™


Installation icon

It is a simple viewing and editing software with some innovative features and functions. It was mainly developed to provide the capability to view and modify supported embroidery files and then re-save any of them in any of the available embroidery file formats.


The workspace

It can be very helpful for any user who wants to make simple changes to his embroidery designs. It will help you view your designs with actual thread colors, make changes and add information to them. It also includes extra browsing and saving capabilities, and tools for better production and material management.

This ‘butterfly’ design (shown below) is among the 3,500 built-in designs in the software. When you select a design, it will appear in the working area with all the possible functions.

The main application window consists of a variety of menus, toolbars and tool windows. Together with the design area, they are called a workspace. A workspace is any combination of the above components. The way that workspace components and windows are placed is fully customizable. When opening the application for the first time, all these tools are placed by default in a way to help you focus on your task (creating, editing and viewing embroidery designs). Make any arrangement of workspace components in order to have a workspace that matches your personal preferences.

my editor features

  • Open and edit .NGS files
  • Open and Save to many different embroidery machine file formats easily
  • Complete stitch editor that allows you to fine tune or even replace the stitches of the design.
  • 3D preview of the embroidery design for visualizing the final result
  • Embroidery process simulation with extra ability to simulate the frame movement
  • Scale and rotate designs
  • Create beautiful designs with the Array tool
  • Apply special functions to objects (thread trim, stop, sequin, applique, needle up etc.)
  • Email embroidery files automatically
  • Keep useful embroidery information/hints for each design
  • Produce a detailed printout of the design
  • Export the embroidery image of the design ( .jpg, .png, .tiff or .bmp image file )
  • Merge open designs by using Copy and Paste functions

My editor’s workspace

But wait, there is more… the APPS for iPad, iPhone &  iPod named DRAWings is a version of  my editor™. You will find the same working area and the functionality is identical.


Icon & workspace with embroidery design and graphic design.

Ahhhh, it is so much fun to surf on the net and when you prepare your work you can be sitting by the pool or having a drink in the garden or even in the metro or a in a waiting room…well  just about anywhere – That’s what mobile devices do for us nowadays!


iPhone &  iPad…same window same workspace !

It becomes easy to enlarge your library with smart tools and then you can classify, prepare and personalise your embroidery designs directly into the APP… an intelligent and easy game !!!

Finally, with SimpleCut you obtain two software programs PLUS an  APP !

About Céline Ross

À cause des imprévus de la vie, j'ai changé de carrière très tôt dans ma jeune vie d'adulte. Toute mon éducation scolaire, du primaire au secondaire et jusqu'au professionnel, m'a été enseignée par les religieuses CND qui étaient... très exigeantes. Ces professeurs m'ont inculqué le goût de bien apprendre, l'appréciation du travail bien fait et l'envie de toujours me perfectionner. Je n'aurais jamais osé ouvrir mon École de couture sans cette formation ni cette certification. Lorsque je deviens revendeur autorisé Janome en avril 1982, la compagnie poursuit ma formation côté machine à coudre et je deviens Éducatrice. Mon travail est varié; je donne des formations aux marchands Janome pour l'Est du Canada et d'ailleurs. Je participe à des Salons, à Janome Institute, je publie un cyber bulletin, j'ai fondé un 'Club de broderie' à Montréal en 1994 et, depuis l'année dernière, chez d'autres marchands. Je confectionne des échantillons avec les nouveaux produits que Janome ne cesse de développer. Et, depuis aujourd'hui, je blogue ! Après toutes ces années dans ce domaine, je garde toujours le même enthousiasme à apprendre et à transmettre mes connaissances. Janome est à la fine pointe de la technologie moderne et ne cesse de me faire progresser.
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6 Responses to Artistic EDGE & My Editor

  1. Cathy says:

    In the paragraph below the first butterfly it say “But wait there is more….” and goes on to talk about an app for iPads etc called DRAWings. Is that one of the apps you mentioned?


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Cathy,

      I am not familiar with this APP and, like you, I cannot find it in the APP store nor when I google it. I will have to ask Celine who wrote the blog post and get back to you.



  2. Cathy says:

    When will the DRAWings APP be available for download? I searched for it and couldn’t find it.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Cathy,
      Are you referring to the AcuDesign App? If so, that has been available in the Apple APP store for quite some time for purchase. Not sure if you are talking about Creative Drawings software or an APP for sketching? Perhaps there is an APP for Drawings software? Sorry, I do not have any details about that if it exists.
      Our free Janome apps are AcuEdit, AcuMonitor, AcuSetter and the Janome accessory video APP.



  3. Ceil says:

    Thank you! This is interesting. This package is looking more and more appealing. So it allows the editing of embroidery patterns?


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