Mmmmmm……I wonder if you dislike mending as much as I do? It just does not do it for me in terms of creativity….feels more like a chore.  However, having the skills to repair household items can be a real advantage and certainly can save you a bunch of $$$.

This was what remained of the edging of my bath mat after a "quarrel" with my washing machine?!

This was what remained of the edging of the bath mat after a “quarrel” with the washing machine?!

You can imagine that I groaned inwardly a few months ago when hubby said that the edging around the bath mat had come away from the bathmat and it was all frayed and ugly. My first instinct was to toss it into the garbage & go buy a new one. But then a teeny thought entered my brain: “That is going to end up in the landfill”  followed by “I wonder IF I can fix it?” So it became a sort of challenge to myself.

I set about cutting away as much of the frayed mess around the edge as possible. I must confess that I made an even bigger mess….on the floor……but that is what vacuum cleaners are for – right?


I chose to try to repair the edge of the mat with fold over elastic. Sage green would have been far nicer but I don’t even know if sage green fold over elastic exists and I have tons of the white……so white it was! Clover clips were just the thing for this task (don’t you just love Clover clips?) Took a while and I used up almost my entire box of Clover clips ensuring the elastic was well & truly “pinned” in place. I overlapped the join which ended up a little thick & bunchy but my “mending tolerance” was wearing rather thin by that point.


The fold-over elastic was actually a good choice as it was flexible and went real smoothly around the curved corners. (A bias tape would have been another option). Notice in the above pic that I sewed from the back/underside as I did not want the rubberized underside of the bath mat to stick to the bed of the sewing machine & be a “problem child” as I sewed and fed that rather thick edge freely through my Janome Horizon MC8900. The shaggy side of the mat was just fine and did not hinder that process. I am going to confess (again) that this did take a while. It was not a job I could rush. If I had to grade this for skill level, I would say Intermediate:  It did require a mid level sewing knowledge, patience, time and the right tools.


  1. I used the Janome Acufeed Flex foot (seen in pic above). I used the single dual feed VD foot. But the larger AD Acufeed foot would also have worked. I would never have attempted this task with a regular sewing foot – way too thick and too many layers. A regular white walking foot would be the very least I would have considered using.
  2. I used strong polyester thread for this heavy duty task.
  3. I also used the extra presser foot lift to get the bulky edge under the presser foot before lowering the Acufeed flex presser foot in place – very helpful indeed and this is one of the features I use frequently on this popular Janome Horizon MC8900 model.
  4. I chose to use the serpentine stitch as I am just so not into extra fiddling to make a straight line straight and sewn in the perfect spot. No way I invite “trouble” into my mending when I’m not wild about doing it in the first place?! …..much easier and prettier to use the Serpentine stitch.
Janome Horizon MC8900 screen showing the popular stitch I selected with settings of SW7.5 and SL1.1

Janome Horizon MC8900 screen showing the popular stitch #99 in the Quilt menu that I selected with settings of SW7.5 and SL1.1

Patience and perseverance won out......I was happy with my repaired bath mat

Patience and perseverance won out……I was happy with my repaired bath mat.

I used a matching green thread for the stitching so it “toned” down the white edge a bit.

Not perfect but he who does the grocery shopping and cooking was most pleased......saved $$$....and I was super impressed, once again, about how our Janome machines and Acufeed flex system just breezes through tough tasks you might be discouraged from attempting.

Not perfect but he who does the grocery shopping and cooking was most pleased……saved $$$….and I was super impressed, once again, about how our Janome machines and Acufeed flex system just breeze through tough tasks we might be discouraged from attempting.                    Blame the photographer…..the mat IS actually a rectangle – There was no accident with the scissors?!


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  1. cherylsewing says:

    Good Job, Liz! I know what you mean about the mending. I’ve a quit that is sandwiched and ready for “acufil” that I just do not feel inspired, but have a son hounding me to finish it. It was his Star Wars quilt from when he was a little tyke and the batting and backing wore out but not the top. Now he wants it for his son.


  2. Irene Reed says:

    What a practical and informative post! This type of application could be used in many mending projects.


  3. Faye Vanumbeck says:

    Yes, my towels get the binding treatment when they begin to give out. I tear off the ragged area (usually where the towel trim is three inches on each side). I use flannel strips to bind the edges. I have quite a few squarish shaped towels with cute binded edges now… but I’d rather recycle and re-use the towels. Saving money on new towels gives you more money to buy fabrics and notions 🙂


  4. Louis & June Perreault says:

    Wow, look at you go!! Good Job.



  5. Jeannette Freese says:

    What is the extra pressure foot life???


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Jeannette,
      Not sure what you refer to? Perhaps you mean the Acufeed flex foot VD – the narrow Acufeed foot holder with VD foot attachment?
      It is an optional extra to our Janome machines which have Acufeed flex. It does comes standard with a couple of our machines.



  6. Michelle says:

    I do not enjoy mending either, but your project was a good save of a perfectly functional part of the bathmat.

    I will run towels through the serger when the edges fray. I curve the corners to make the job a bit easier. No, I would not use those towels for company after the fix, but they are functional and when the kids were small, I would send them to the pool, the beach etc with the repaired towels.

    If they are getting a bit thin in the middle, I double them up, serge around the outside and donate them to the Vet, SPCA or cat TNR program.

    I also admit that when the kids were small if a piece of their clothing needed mending it sat in the basket, until they had outgrown it, then got tossed.


  7. trinagallop says:

    Great job, Liz! I love being resourceful like this! I will definitely do my own hemming and such, but I’ve even gone so far as to replace out broken zippers on some soft sided dog crates. A $5 replacement zipper saved me at least $60 (the cost of a new soft sided crate!!).


  8. Marilyn Limbaugh says:

    Can I sew a leather strap on to a Scottish kelt with my Janome 2500? The strap is only on inch across. Thanks, Marilyn

    . ?

    Sent from my iPad



    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Marilyn,
      I don’t see why not provided it is not too thick and you use the correct needle and thread. We recommend a leather needle.



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