Janome at Skills Canada: Part 2


Sharing some of the behind the scenes deatails from our Skills Canada Coverage:

NOTE: for a fantastic video view of the Skills Canada 2016, please have a look at this video montage. 

Setting the Scene…

Area # 31 The location was feverish … fierce creativity in the making. The layout of the space for each participant represented an individual and their complete sewing room.

IMG_3398   IMG_3399

Awaiting the arrival of the participants: a blue envelope deposited on each table; it contained the fabric, accessories and instructions to be used. Oh … it was awesome!


The equipment of each participant consisted of a sewing machine Janome 1600P and a serger PRO4DX , an ironing board and a powerful iron, a cutting table, sewing table and a chair on wheels, a model and a rolling stand. I showed the participants the operation of our machines. After receiving the instructions of the supervisors … it was go-time !!! Despite the speed at which young people have to work, and despite the thicknesses to quilt and topstitching, not a single sewing machine needle was broken … AWESOME!

IMG_3435 IMG_3434IMG_3439

After two days of intensive work and stress, it’s time to evaluate all the pieces. All work is thoroughly analyzed by the judges according to specific criteria and scoring is registered with spreadsheets.


All creations were unique and tasteful but, since it only one winner can be allowed.


In front of the garment Gabriel Leblanc


Back of the garment Gabriel Leblanc

Gabriel commented that he really enjoyed sewing with two models of machines that Janome Canada made available to each participant. On these two pictures he sent me, Gabriel proudly presents the creation he designed and crafted without knowing that he would win the gold medal the next day.

All this talent in one person? Amazing! Congratulations  to QUEBEC’s GABRIEL LEBLANC !

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  1. Pat Dykes, Victoria, BC says:

    Thanks for sharing these Skills Canada posts. I’ve known about many of the areas covered but never realized the fashion/sewing component.
    Congratulations, Gabriel.


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