This Janome accessory has been available for quite some time so perhaps it is time for a reveiw and reminder about this great embellishment tool.

This is another couching alternative for all high shank models of Janome & Elna machines. You do not need to have an embroidery machine for this technique. With this foot, it is possible to couch yarn or cording down onto fabric using a free motion technique. This can yield some wonderful results different  (and more free-ing) than doing couching with feed dogs up an a zig-zag stitch. 

Free motion couching foot

Free motion couching fun!

Enhance your work with cording; “rat tail”, braid, tape and yarn by couching with a  free-motion technique. The very narrow zigzag stitch makes the application easy an accurate for any design.

Two interchangeable feet are included with this accessory to suit the size of the decorative sewing and couching yarn/cord. The set consists of:

  1. Foot holder &  metal screw
  2. Transparent foot # 1 for fine couching
  3. Transparent foot # 2 for thicker couching




Installation is simple; remove the screw holding the regular foot and ankle/foot holder in place and attach the Free motion Couching foot fitted with transparent foot that best suits the thickness of the yarn or cording.

Adjustment of the machine:

  1. Lower the feed dogs
  2. Select the zigzag stitch
  3. Set the zigzag not exceeding the width of 1.5 mm or less
  4. Foot  # 1: for yarn size 1.5 to 2.0 mm
  5. Foot # 2: for yarn size of less than 1.5 mm size

It only remains to follow your imagination or a sketch/design already marked on the fabric. In order to feed the fabric under the foot smoothly and evenly,  wear gloves as this will facilitate the movement of the fabric under the foot. I suggest using fine # 80 thread such as the DecoBob from Wonderfil or 100wt Invisifil (also a Wonderfil product) to blend the stitches into the yarn. Other threads also work well too.

pied et gants

Part#: 202110006

 Visit your local Janome authorized dealer to try this foot  and see samples Ask for a demonstration of how to use this nifty tool!

Thank you to Celine Ross in Montreal for writing this post which I translated….no, I cannot read much French but translation software is very useful!

Kim from Chatterbox Quilts sent in a comment with a link to her video on how to use this Free Motion Couching foot. Thank you, Kim. Here is the You tube link.


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