encolure jaune

encolure test

It must be ensured that the embroidery design can “bend” just as much as the contour of the of the neck line.  To achieve a perfect result there are mandatory tools to use and techniques to respect.

Fabric preparation:

  1. Always do a test on a stable fabric to discover the results.

2 Always test on a stretchy fabric to see how different the embroidery might “behave”

3 Use a iron-on stabiliser under the fabric and insert these two layers in the hoop

4 Seal the zigzag of the border before cutting the excess fabric from the neck

5 Cut the fabric very close to the zigzag to avoiding cut the threads of this border

6 Remove the excess iron-on stabilizer.

7 Press flat.

stabilisateur et scellant

In the next photo, notice the difference between the left stabilizer which was not removed and the excess fabric which has been cut. The right cut edge is sharp and the embroidery is flat after sealing and removing the stabilizer.

encolure nuancé devant

devant dos nuancé

You can find this pattern among the 3,500 designs included in the Artistic Sewing Suite software. 

Think in terms of making your OWN clothing like this……often manufactured clothing has a quality waybelow what we wish for. It is often the quality of the fabric that spoils ready-to-wear.  We can choose much beter quality AND we can adjust the garment measurements to fit our bodies. 



Thank you to Celine Ross in Montreal for writing this post which I translated….no, I cannot read much French but translation software is very useful!

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