What Will You Make Today?

September Resolution: Making Happiness!

They say that September might be the best time for New Year’s resolutions, as it is a natural time of renewal and starting fresh. We’re brushing the sand from our toes and seeing kids off to school. We’re rotating clothes in our closets and changing up our cooking menu. What better time to resolve to make a little handmade happiness? To dig into those projects that we have been pinning all summer long? If you have been imagining sewing up some great projects to add personality to your home decor, we have a little prezzie to offer: the Mod Pods Pillow pattern from Cynthia Frenette. And, if you are looking for a new sewing machine to help you in your maker quest, we have a preview of great new models arriving in Janome Canada dealer stores this fall: the M series.


New for You QDC Models

The M series is the latest in our QDC {Quilting, Decor & Couture}  line of quality built mid-line sewing machines that come packed with all of the stitches and features you need to handle any sewing project. With three machines and a serger, the M series has something for every sewist. The M50, M100 and M200 machines offer 50, 100 and 200 stitches respectively. Each comes with a bountiful selection of accessory feet, including a bonus Quilt accessory package as well as a hard cover and a table.

Janome QDC models have long been favourites of dealers and customers across Canada. Sturdy metal frames and powerful needle and presser foot bars give these machines the reliability and power to push through any project. Needle up/down, pattern lock and start/stop push button sewing controls offer the convenience that make sewing a pleasure.

A Designer Touch

PrintWe wanted to make this next generation QDC series special, so we reached out to Canadian Artist & Designer (as well as a Janome Artisan), Cynthia Frenette to partner with us on the machine logo. The design shape took its cue from the curved control panel on the face of the machine. The multi-colour pods are the many design styles that grow from the maker within; the “m” at the core of the logo is not the machine but the user. Partnering with Cynthia on the design was great fun, but that was only the beginning!

Cynthia designed several signature M series projects to celebrate the launch of the machines. She took the logo design and began to explore new ways of seeing it. This curiosity led to a wide variety of concepts for quilts and home decor. We invite you to visit Cynthia’s blog to learn more about her design process.

A Project to Jump-Start Your Sewing

The Mod Pods Pillow, by Cynthia Frenette for Janome

The Mod Pods Pillow, by Cynthia Frenette for Janome

Playfully twisting and turning the logo shape resulted in  a unique form that opened itself to all sorts of interpretations! Cynthia created a signature quilt (soon to debut in the M Series Look Book) that will be great fun to make. But, for a simple project to get started with, why not try her Mod Pods Pillow?

The strong design elements come together with simple sewing using one of several blanket {applique} stitches and the popular Serpentine stitch available on the M series (as well as other Janome models). Robert Kaufman Kona Cottons and the lovely Essex Linen round out the materials list. You can find the Mod Pods Pillow directions here:


Machine applique and the serpentine stitch suit the style of the Mod Pod pillow

Machine applique and the serpentine stitch suit the style of the Mod Pod pillow

We hope that you enjoy a great start to your sewing season. We invite you to visit your local Janome dealer to check out the new M series and all of the other quality machine in the Janome line.  We look forward to sharing lots of great new projects and inspiration here on Janome Life to help you to answer the question:

What Will You Make Today?

{ and if you make your own Pods Pillow, please share, we would love to see! #mxmJanome, @JanomeCanada .  And what exactly does mXm mean? There’s more to come in the upcoming M Series look book, but let’s just say that “you” put the “m” in mXm: made by me}


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