Recently received my “Creative Machine Embroidery” magazine.  (SEPT/OCT 2016). Their Tips & Tricks column often has real gems to offer. This issue they show bull dog clips attached to the edge of the table to hold your sewing machine cords for power & foot control. This tip came from Kristen G on Facebook.


Is this not a clever tip?

Is this not a clever tip?

I thought this was such a great idea (thank you, Kristen) as I don’t enjoy grubbing around under the table to find my cords to plug into my machine. We unplug when not in use just to be on the safe side in terms of fire and power surges.

I dont use a foot control at all otherwise you might see a second clip attached to the table for this.

I don’t use a foot control at all otherwise you might see a second clip attached to the table for this.

I’m thinking the same thing would work for computer cables and I am about to attach a bull dog clip to the edge of my table where I have my power bar for my iron and a bunch more machines (yes, this is the Janome Education workroom so I have lots of the go!)

What great tips do you have to share with us all on janomelife blog? Post your tips in our comment forum.


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  1. Murphy says:

    My favorite tip is how to store those embroidery machine hoops…..I use the small command hooks and put them on the wall behind the door to my sewing room and hang the hoops there. I measured and spaced them out so all would fit. I also used my label maker to put a small black and white label on them so I could tell what size at a glance.
    Thanks for the tip about the bulldog clips.


  2. Linda Seemann Korte says:

    Bulldog clips also work clipped to your machine (lid wherethe stitches are) to thread metallic thread through to give it a chance to unwind before it gets to the needle! It also works great for cones or large spools when you don’t have a thread holder!


  3. cherylsewing says:

    That is a very good tip. I have one as well – My cord crosses over where I sit so I got my good hubby to put in one of those cup hooks under my sewing table and I thread the cord over it. Now, I’m not fighting with the cord crossing over my foot control. Sorry Liz, I still having managed to do away with the foot control yet, I feel out of “control” if I can’t put my foot down.


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