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I think this is one of my favourite parts of sewing.

guest bloggerHave a need for something? Make it yourself!

I know I sometimes take creating things myself to a new level. And it doesn’t matter whether it is sewing or knitting or baking (three of my all time favourite crafty endeavours). I often joke with my husband that since I knit, spin my own yarn, and now wash my own raw fleece and prepare it for spinning, the next logically step is probably just to get a small herd of sheep.

It’s definitely this way when it comes to sewing, although I’ll leave it to Janome to keep making their fantastic sewing machines.

The other weekend we were finishing off an event that I organize to benefit local dog rescues when I realize that I didn’t have something special to show off all our rescues that were coming out for the afternoon. Well, a couple hours later, and didn’t I have these adorable little bandanas for all our special little rescue alumni to wear proudly!


Last minute gifts can be conquered that way, too! We know there are an endless arrange of ideas on the web (how many of you use pinterest?) for one hour sewing projects and projects to make with just one or two fat quarters!

I’m in an organizing mindset around the house right now. How many of you can relate? It’s fall and we are back inside more and it is time to get the house in order.

Like cables. Does anyone else have an endless supply of cables that seem to multiply overnight?


I thought I was super clever when I made this adorable little bag (a leather and liberty of London fabric combo) to use for carting my cables to and from the office everyday.


But now I have this.

And I can’t take it anymore.


So the other day I pulled out my fabric scrap bag. Which probably needs some organizing and sorting of its own (feel free to leave me some tips!).

And from working on the bandannas I mentioned above, I also had quite a bit of excess Velcro(TM) (hook and loop tape) in the house. The result of a few hours of work were some very function little cord managers.


These are super easy and quick to make. Of course there are any number of variations to this but this is what worked for me.

Materials required:

  • Two four-inch square pieces of fabric
  • One four-inch square piece of light to medium weight fabric stabilizer
  • Small piece of hook & loop tape


I liked the idea of rounded corners on my cords stabilizers so I first folded each piece of fabric in half, and then in half again and rounded the open side of the small square (think about how you make snowflakes out of paper).



Do this with both pieces of fabric and the fabric stabilizer.

Place fabric right sides together. Please the fabric stabilizer on top. Sew around all sides with a ¼ inch seam leaving a one inch opening.


Turn right sides out and press so that the opening seam is pressed into the inside of the project.


Sew around all sides to give a finished look and also to secure the opening.

Attach your hook and loop tape.

Organize your cords!


Now I can reach into that adorable little bag and not pull out a random mess of jumbled cords. I’m also working on these little organizers for all the cords in our junk door (please tell me you can relate and I’m not alone).

I know this is a quick little project but I love having a quick and easy little solution, too!

What’s your favourite everyday solution? Are you on Pinterest? And do you follow Janome Canada? Is Fall a typical time for you to do household organizing? What sewing project are you working on right now?

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8 Responses to Everyday Solutions

  1. Doreen Cripps says:

    Suggestion: use your circle attachment to save cutting the squares. Sew, leave an opening, trim, then turn. Helps sew accurate top stitching.


  2. Michelle says:

    Great project. These would be great for small appliance cords too. It would be fun to use novelty prints to match the appliance.


  3. Carol Lindsay says:

    Thank you. Great gifts for my Christmas get together with girlfriends. I think I’ll embroider what they are as well. i.e. cell, laptop, extras can just have their initials. I’m definitely doing a bunch for me.


  4. Tame those chargers! Excellent idea. Much better than using a twist tie or velcro cord wrap.


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