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Stumpwork embroidery is a form of 3D embroidery. It is created on  fabric and then applied onto the embroidery to create a 3D look.  This is sometimes also called raised embroidery work. The software allows you to view all the components of a stumpwork drawing in a single window.  At the same time, it allows you to edit each piece of stumpwork individually and transfer them to the embroidery machine. This technique is available in Jnaome Digitizer MBX v5 software.

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Stumpwork patterns and cutting cutwork designs are created with a set of common tools. The stumpwork can be made from cut pieces that are then sewn on the basic design, usually with the incorporation of a metal wire for more rigidity on the edges.

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The Digitizer V5 offers two options: embroidery stumpwork built-in patterns is one option



Option 2: scan parts of patterns to create the stumpwork. In the following example, I embroidered a motif incorporated, like background pattern, then into the hoop FA I then embroidered stumpwork parts that will be fixed later.

Yes we can embroider a design incorporating the stumpwork technique on a garment. The photo was taken from the front and angled to show the shape of the petals and leaves.


The software includes a few ready to embroider stumpwork designs




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Like to try your hand at some 3D machine embroidery? See your local authorized Janome software dealer today to ask about Janome Digitizer stumpwork.


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