Puffy Foam is a foam product made from ethylene-vinyl-acetate of high quality. It is made specifically to be used with sewing & embroidery machines to add a 3D effect as the sticthing is raised above the surface of the fabric. It adds great texture and interest to a flat design. The holes in the foam are formed easily which makes it simple to remove the foam around the stitching cleanly and crisply. Puffy Foam is a much better quality than regular craft foam and is available in a dozen colours as well as 2 thicknesses (2mm and 3mm) for different effects. It is possible to stack one layer of puffy foam upon another to get an even bigger 3D impact but you should always check that it will still pass under the embroidery foot before stitching.

Digitizer V5 3D

In the new Digitizer V5, there are four new fonts that can be used with the Puffy Foam . The first integrated font below may be embroidered in two colors: 2 Col Arial. In the next picture, the name is embroidered on the Puffy Foam and it is embossed.


Simply slide the sheet of foam under the embroidery foot and let the embroidery  do the work. Very dense satin points cut the foam making it easy to remove. However, there may be some small small pieces to remove with tweezers.

Janome foam

To scan a pattern with the Digitizer, we suggest viewing DigiTalk 13 B with Trevor Conquergood. http://www.sunsetstitches.com Learn the steps for this technique.

Trevor 13b

It is best to use a design that has been digitized for the addition of Puffy Foam as not all embroideries are suitable for this technique. It is wise to make a sample first to test the result before you embroider directly onto your project.


In the built-in Digitizer V5 designs, you will find which ones can be usedf for this Puffy Foam technique. 

fleur rouge


Add dimension and texture to your embroidery projects with puffy foam and the new features in Janome Digitizer MBX V5.

What will you embroider using your Janome Digitizer MBX software and puffy foam to create wonderful 3D effects? 

Thank you to Celine of Janome Canada for this French Vie Janome post which we translated and edited for janomelife.  

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