In various parts of Canada, the snow falls gently… Brrrr… the weather has turned cold and nothing is nicer than to relax by a toasty, warm fire dressed in flannel pajamas.


Since we learn something every day, here is the definition by wikipedia: flannel is a fluffy fabric and soft to the touch, originally made from carded wool and now combed cotton is used.

Have you purchased ready to wear  flannel pyjama’s  but found that sleeve length, body length and pant leg length needs to to shortened or lengthened to fit you?  Can be a frustrating and disappointing experience.

To avoid potential frustration, be a MAKER and make your own pj’s! Check that the composition of the fabric is 100% cotton and it must first be washed and dried before cutting the pieces. The weave of the fabric must be tight and always ask the seller what the the percentage of shrinkage is expected to be. If the answer is vague, beware!


There are many pyjama patterns  available:  We especially like the ones from Jalie # 2686 and Kwik Sew # 3553.


Sewing is simple and fast because almost all the seams can be done with a serger (which is so FAST and the flannel seam edges become beautifully and practically sealed & neatened in one pass with the serger.) … except the buttonholes… Can’t do that with a serger, of course. But our Janome sewing machines all offer great button hole options so these too can be done real quick.

JANOME offers several models of serger you will find by clicking on this link: www.janome.ca

On Martha’s PJ’s, notice that she added a piping to enhance her pajamas. This is easy to do with either a sewing machine or a serger:




Optional piping foot for Janome sewing machine


Optional Piping foot for overlock

Remember that it is possible to view these piping techniques by watching these videos FREE at the following link: Janome accessory video’s



You have a tablet or smart phone? So hurry up to download the free app to view Janome accessory How-to video’s: http://janomespecials.com/mobile-video-app/



Wenkchemna Peaks and Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

If this makes you feel cold and you need a pair of cuddly warm flannel pj’s……….Visit your local Janome authorized dealer to try a Janome serger  or sewing machine today! 

Thank you to Celine Ross over at Vie Janome for this post which we translated and adapted a little for janomelife. 



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