BOOK REVIEW: THE TUNIC BIBLE by Sarah Gunn and Julie Starr

Front cover of this exciting new book by C&T Publishing

Front cover of this exciting new book by C&T Publishing


Back cover of the book. I got my book through Cindy’s Threadworks on Vancouver Island: She mails whatever you need from her: books, gifts, Superior Threads, etc.  She is a wonderful person to work with!  Check out her website with the link  on this caption.


I was SO excited to receive my copy of this book. Long awaited and it lived up to expectation. I have long been a total fan of Sarah’s website and blog: Goodbye Valentino which focusses on garments Sarah makes. She initiated a RTW fast – making her own top quality clothing rather than spending a fortune on designer garments. You may love this blog as much as I do, so check it out if you are interested in garment sewing. Her photographs and explanations of why she chooses certain fabrics, the alterations she makes to the patterns and why, and more  – are absolutely wonderful.  Total Garment sewing eye candy. She speaks my language….love it!


Julie is a favouite contributor to the website Sewing Pattern Review where she has won 4 consecutive annual awards based on member votes. She has also been an active participant in the Goodbye Valentino Ready to Wear Fasts.

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Not only is the photography in this book very good, the information about how to alter the pattern and make all the various options shown in the book is also very good. There are 3 main components to the book: Part 1 is Elements of the Tunic (the various parts of the tunic to consider and choice of style) ; Part 2 is Putting it all together (prep, supplies needed, making the muslin, general assembly of the garment, etc) and Part 3 offers a whole bunch of great sewing tutorials on various aspects of sewing the tunic variations : eg plackets & collars; Sleeves and cuffs; Other Techniques.

All very valuable and helpful information.


This book is pretty new – only been out a few months I think.  I can’t wait to finish the radical de-cluttering  I am doing at home and at the office to get my teeth stuck into some sewing again. Guess what will be top of my list? …….you guessed: my very own variation of one of these tunics made with the pattern included with the book.


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