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We receive queries from our Janome and Artistic Creative product customers about a wide range of topics. Virtually all the queries we get are from customers who may not be aware where they can easily access the answers to these queries. We think it is time to again point you in the right direction and provide a list of Resources for Learning our products.

It is a fact that there will be a significant amount of self learning that we will need to be committed to doing when we buy our Janome or Artistic Creative products.  In all honesty, unless we spend time sewing and embroidering on our machines or “playing” with our software, we really cannot expect to learn very much.  I frequently tell the story about Gary Player the South African Master golfer: He was approached by a cheeky reporter one day after hitting a hole in one as some big golf event. The reporter told him he was so lucky to have hit a hole in one. Gary’s reply was “Isn’t it amazing that the more I practice, the luckier I get!”  There you have it…….we really DO need to spend time “practicing” on our machines & computers to become truly proficient. This is the self-learning process. This does not happen overnight and will require time and effort. But it will be a lot of creative fun and we will definitely know our machines better and be able to use many more of the features we received when we purchased our quality products!


  • The very first place we refer you to is your local Janome or Artistic Dealer. Generally this is the store where you purchased your Janome machine or Artistic Digital cutter or Janome or Artistic software products.  Your dealer receives training on these products they sell and should be your first go-to place when you have queries or require training on our products.


  • All machines, software and our Digital cutter do have an instruction manual. It really is quite surprizing how few people read their manuals.  This is a great starting point to familiarize yourself with the product; what all the buttons or icons are and how to operate the machine or software etc. Please make use of this helpful resource.
  • Many of our machines do have an Instructional DVD included in the box when you purchase the machine. This is also a great self-learning tool which is often missed or neglected. Please watch it as many times as you might require to get you started and on your way to many enjoyable hours of creating with your machine.
  • You Tube has many video’s which can assist you with your self learning. There are many individuals and sewing stores across the globe who post video’s on You Tube. While these may be useful, we would prefer to refer you to the official Janome and Artistic Creative product You Tube channels.  Here is a list with links directly to the applicable You Tube channel where you will find many video’s. There are dozens on some topics and literally hundreds of video’s on other topics so do take your time to work systematcially through these video’s. You will probably want to make a note of the ones you might like to return to for multiple viewings. Janome & Artistic staff have invested much expertise and man hours into making these useful video’s for you so we urge you to make as much use of these video’s as possible.  Here is the list of You Tube links:
  • You Tube for ArtisticUSA:  many video’s here for Artistic Edge 15 Digital Cutter; Simple Cut software as well as Artistic Sewing Suite Software.
  • You Tube Janome USA for many video’s on various Janome machines, software and more.
  • You Tube Janome Canada channel . 10383562_609465869162700_5172818454406295105_n
  • Do a search on janomelife blog > homepage > search box . Type whatever topic you are seeking information about in the search box and click for a great list of every blog post we have done on this topic or where your topic is mentioned.  This is a valuable way to find janomelife information quickly so please do use it.


  • There are also many video’s and podcasts on iTunes. Some of these are the same as what is on our You Tube channels. It is merely giving you another option of where to access this information plus we are able to give a synopsis on iTunes so that you gain a better understanding of what is in a video before you watch it. This helps considerably when you are looking for an answer to a specific query.  (We are unable to add a synopsis to You Tube video’s).  To access the video’s on iTunes you will need to have an Apple ID which you may set up for your smart phone, iPad or computer.  It will ask to set up an account & ask you for a credit card lest you decide to buy an app, a book or music etc at some point.  However, these video’s I refer to here are absolutely free and you credit card will therefore not be charged anything when you access them.
  • The Artistic Creative Products website – specifically here for the Artistic Edge 15 cutter http://www.artisticcreativeproducts.com/digital-cutters/artistic-edge-15


  • Janome.com offers a great LEARN TAB  where you can access webinars; Technique video’s; Software lessons as well as a tab with a whole host of useful links.
  • There is also a Learning Centre Tab on www.janome.ca
  • Sewing and Quilt Shows across Canada: Janome educators and staff are usually at most of the major shows across Canada.  There is a janomelife post on 11 January 2017 which lists all the shows in canada which we will be present. You are most welcome to bring your questions to our staff on the Janome booth. Please assist us by knowing what your Janome or Elna model # is as it is difficult for us to answer questions properly when we don’t know which machine you are referring to.


There are probably more places to find information but this is certainly plenty to get on with for now. I will update and re-publish this list from time to time as it seems that many people just don’t know where to start to look for all this GREAT information.  We do hopewe have made this a little easier for you.


ADDENDUM: One of our blog viewers offered a couple more websites that she says she uses all the time . Thanks for the reminder! I added a few more that I had also forgottoen:


Please bookmark this page and keep it as a handy reference tool for your self-learning process on your Janome or Artistic Creative product. 




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  1. Larain says:

    I live in Australia and have a very old Janome machine plus a 1600p which is on my quilt bed. I love both my machines and will possibly update the current everyday one some time in the near future. As I do not live in a major city or town I quite often print he information contained in your emails. Especially the rule foot which I haven’t used yet but will soon. I find your emails very helpful.


  2. Linda Fielding says:

    Love this post. Many people don’t know where to look Here are two links I use all the time:
    http://www.janomespecials.com/mc12000/videos-accessory.htm# and
    Happy New Year Liz Africa.
    Linda Fielding


  3. Vangie Brake says:

    Thank you. This is very helpful. I will explore some of these resources for sure.


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