Reverse Appliqué for Valentine’s Day


Am I the only one who is finding it hard to believe that we are almost through the first month of 2017?

And a few weeks out from Valentine’s Day?

While you can certainly use the reverse appliqué technique at any time of the year, I love using it for heart shaped applications.

I made this cute, little, lined tote using basic construction methods. The panels are 12 x 13 inches and it has batting sandwiched in-between so I could do a little quilting. The handles were 4 inches wide by 12 inches long and then folded (like binding).

Reverse appliqué is a fun technique and I love the finish.

Often times I might opt for a raw edge finish when I appliqué as a turned edge sometimes seems a bit finicky. But reverse edge appliqué is efficient and gives a nice finished look.


To start I found a heart image that I wanted to use and printed it out on paper. I used this as a template to cut out a piece of fusible webbing.


My heart shaped fusible webbing was centred on the front panel of my tote and then ironed/fused to the wrong-side of the front panel.


Leaving a 1/4 to 1/2 inch border, I cut out the inside of my heart.


I made cut marks all the way around the edge of the fusible webbing so that I would be able to turn the edge back easily and then removed the paper for the fusible webbing.


And pressed the edges back to the wrong side with a hot iron.


When you turn the front panel over you can see you have a nice finished edge.


Because I wanted to use this cute fabric, I did a fussy cut finish (this is where you cut the piece of fabric so that a particular part of the printed design is centred/featured).


And sandwiched it between the front panel and batting.


At this point I remembered something I read recently on the Janome Life blog. Liz shared her favourite appliqué foot.



In her post, she talked about two feet she likes to use: the Button Sewing Foot – T (left) and the Open Toe Sewing Satin Stitch Foot – F2 (right). Liz mentioned that you can take the little blue part comes off the end of the latter and it becomes very versatile for appliqué.


I admit, I don’t utilize my sewing machine feet as much as I should but this seemed like a great opportunity to try a new appliqué method.

dsc_3885dsc_3887Well – let me tell you, it works like a charm! It made navigating those curved edges so easy.

Sheesh, I remember a quilt I did this time last year with appliqué. If only I had used the proper sewing machine foot! Lesson learned.

I finished the back of my tote with some diagonal straight line quilting. dsc_3893Now my Reverse Appliqué Valentine’s Day tote is ready to fill with sweet treats for my favourite girls. dsc_3889

Have you tried reverse appliqué? What is your go-to appliqué method? Be honest, how many feet on your sewing machine have you tried out?

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  1. Sheree says:

    I have utilized the standard silver foot (don’t know proper name), walking foot (love it), and button hole foot. New to sewing so still discovering different things about my machine.


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