To differentiate the following functions of the V5 of Janome Digitizer MBX, here are two simple exercises to practice.

In the Toolbox, there is the < layout > tab and on the menu drop-down is:

  • Arrangement of circle : duplicate objects selected around a central point.
  • Copy in a circle : Automatically create copies of selected items around the center of the workspace.

soniaFineLinensCorner – SS. EMB

For these two exercises,  we will use a design built into the Digitizer MBX V5.0P

Here is how to do the exercise with ‘Circle Layout’ function:

  1. Select the pattern ‘soniaFineLinensCorner – SS.EMB’

2 Hide the hoop by clicking the appropriate icon

3 Ungroup > remove the yellow and purple straight stitching lines

4 Select the pattern > Edit all > Group

5 Reduce the size by 20%

6 Click on layout >  specify the number of duplications required in the toolbar

7 Move the mouse to position the designs both horizontally and vertically.  ‘Do you want to merge objects that overlap?’ > Click  YES

8 Select the largest embroidery hoop > example SQ23

9 Adjust the size > rotate if necessary > Auto Center the design.

10 Output the drawing > save according to your machine model and hoop.

11 Choice: Save drawing under (EMB) or export drawing (JEF)

12 Capture the image of the drawing > OK

13 File > print preview > print it now

14 The edited design  is now ready to be embroidered.


Layout in 6 circles

Here is how to do the second exercise:  ‘copy in a circle’:

  1. Select the pattern ‘soniaFineLinensCorner – SS.EMB’

2 Hide the hoop by clicking the appropriate icon

3 Ungroup > remove the yellow and purple straight lines

4 Select the design > edit select all >  group

5 Display > work area >circle layout

6 Set (metric) workspace > Rectangle: width 228 X height 298  > OK

7 Rotate  right 45º > resize – 10% smaller > position design down to the center of the green rectangle 3




8.Duplicate 8 circles < ‘Do you want to merge objects overlapping’ > YES  4



9. Adjust the size of the two sides so that they are completely in the green space that represents the GR hoop (as in this photo)5


10. Output the drawing > save depending on themodel and hoop of your machine

11. Choice: Save the drawing under (EMB) or export drawing (JEF)

12.  Capture image of drawing  > OK

13 File > print preview > print now

14. Edited design is now ready to be embroidered.


Duplicated into 8 circles


Practice makes perfect!

Thank you to Celine for this post on Vie Janome which we translated and edited for janomelife.



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  1. Robyn says:

    Could you please tell me where to find that soniaFineLinensCorner design. I have updated my software to the latest version but it’s not there in the inspirations folder.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Robyn,

      I am unaware of any changes to the sample design folders after software updating but these types of queries are best directed to our Technical Support Helpline if you reside in North America. 1-800-631-0183 Ext 775 (leave a message and tel # where you can be reached during EST zone buisness hours) or send them an email – this can be done from http://www.janome.ca or http://www.jnaome.com. They should be able to assist you.



  2. cherylsewing says:

    Liz, I’m having trouble finding that design in “My Designs” in Digitizer V5.0P. Am I looking in the correct place? I know that I will feel very foolish when you give the answer, but I’m really at a loss right now.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Cheryl,

      Please contact our dedicated Technical Support 1-800-631-0183 Ext775 for assistance with queries like this. Sorry but this comment forum is not the place where we can address software queries.



  3. Stephanie Buckingham says:

    Thanks for the exercise. My favourite feature of the layout tool is the buttonhole function. It is great for blouses or the front of dresses.


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