acufil 7

Next was to choose the quilting design. We selected 2 designs which may be found in the Quilting category on the Janome MC15000. Of course, other quilting designs could just as easily have been used.
We positioned 2 designs on the edit screen of the machine and make a few edits like copying to diagonal corners, resizing , positioning in relation to the centre lines of the hoop. Then we used the great MONOCHROME function to remove all the colour stops ad have the design stitch in 1 continuous hooping from start to finish. There were 6 different designs combined in this hooping so we did not want to have to “babysit” each section. Each stitch out was 6 minutes so 12 x6=72 minutes + a little time for the re-hoopings so this really did not take long at all. AND we were able to get on with other work while the JANOME MC15000 DID THE QUILTING FOR US!!!!!

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