Favourite Feet

DSCF3389I have a confession to make.

One of my favourite sewing feet is one that I didn’t discover until recently. I quilted many a quilt without it! And now that I’ve discovered it, I don’t know how I lived without it for so long.


Photo credit: Janome.com

A walking foot is also sometimes referred to as an even feed foot. It is especially useful for sewing bulky items – like quilts, or tricky fabrics like fleeces, minky and even vinyl and leather. It has a mechanism that moves the fabric on the top along as the feed dogs on your machine move the bottom layer of fabric. The dual action of the feed moves your fabric through the machine at the same rate and helps prevent puckering and shifting.

I don’t know why it took me so long to discover this fabulous, albeit funny looking, accessory. I can even remember a sewing friend of mine asking how I did straight-line quilting if I didn’t use my walking foot.

Truth be told, I did it, but I was always frustrated with how my fabric puckered and didn’t lie flat.


One of the techniques I use most with the walking foot is stitching in the ditch.

And probably the second most often used technique for my walking foot is for sewing on binding. It’s especially useful with all that bulky fabric.

Many Janome machines include a walking foot. My Skyline S7 came with this one which is a bit different than the one I used on my previous Janome machines.

Walking Foot

You can see how the metal piece in the back clips into place.


Note: I’m just pointing to the spot with my machine’s screw driver for reference. To lock this piece into place I just use my finger.

If your machine didn’t come with a walking foot, you can certainly buy an optional accessory to fit your machine model.  Your local Janome dealer can help you determine which is the correct walking foot for your machine.

walking foot

If you use your walking foot at lot, like I do now, and especially if you are using  it for quilting with a lot of fluffy batting, you may need to provide a bit of maintenance for your walking foot to keep it clean and operating smoothly.

I find my walking foot accumulates a fair amount of lint over time. An easy way to clean it out is to get a pipe cleaner and just gently insert it in a few spots. This is generally enough to keep this attachment running smoothly.

Have you used the walking foot for your Janome machine? Anyone else a walking foot fanatic like me? What is your favourite use for it? If you having used it, are you thinking of using it now?

What’s your favourite foot attachment for your Janome sewing machine?

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10 Responses to Favourite Feet

  1. sigop215 says:

    Hi Liz, Can you tell me if I can sew and embroidered on marine vinyl with my skyline S9 or it is too thick, if yes which needle size to use and if the walking foot would be a good choice to use on




    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Marie,

      Difficult to say for sure as Im not familair with marine vinyl. But we can sew & embroider on leather, cork, table cloth vinyl, balsa wood and more so it it is conceivable that this could work. But we suggest you choose a design that is simple and not too densely digitized as the vinyl might perforate. Also correct thread and needle choice would be key.
      Not sure you could hoop the vinyl so you would probably have to “float” the vinyl on top of stabilizer and anchor it with either the basting function (which may leave little holes around the design?) or use sticky stabilizer.
      But give it a test run on a small piece and see. Experiment. Have fun.


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      • sigop215 says:

        Thanks Liz, I will give a short try and see what happen, I want to ensure first that it would not damage my machine, so if leather is ok than I assume vinyl should be fine also.



  2. Dawn says:

    Once you know what your walking foot can do for you, look out you will end up with lots of things to make. You can also purchase one with extra feet to it. Does a great job!


  3. jennyskip says:

    Thanks for this post–I haven’t used the walking foot in a while, instead favoring the free motion quilting foot. But I can foresee a lot of upcoming projects that will greatly benefit from a walking foot! ❤️


  4. Maureen Rogers says:

    I use my walking foot for quilting all the time! Also use it for binding. Glad you found it.


  5. I just bought an Elna 780 this year and it comes with 2 walking feet and a straight stitch foot all of which I use the most. My second, narrower walking foot actually has attachments to it so I can switch off the regular foot for a zipper walking foot! How great is that?


  6. Terri Allen says:

    I love my accu feet. I have the open toe, 1/4 inch and SD accu feet. Love them all.


  7. Denice says:

    Check out the dual feed walking foot with the little blade on the side for 1/4 inch seams. It is very helpful for binding! I also love the the narrow single feed walking foot for piecing. It sews 1/4 inch seams and can easily handle many seams meeting at a single point.


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