This is Part 2 in a 2 part series giving more information about making one of the projects found in our Cross Canada Picnic Look Book – Summer 2017. In case you have not yet seen our Look Book, check out this post and this website for this little inspirational maker treat!

This delightful picnic blanket (see the Cross Canada Picnic Look Book) which doubles as an outdoors game of Checkers,  was made by our Education Coordinator: Michael Smith of Ontario.  Here is more information from Michael on how he put this project together:

Notice how the quilt seams are serged and seams remain exposed as a design feature – AND the quilt is quilt as you go with a serger!

The Janome XG-43D serger is a great basic 4 thread serger with an affordable price tag. This serger has a variety of specialty presser feet which are available from your local Janome dealer.  I used the Beading foot, which has a groove at the side to allow for beads, or in this case, yarn, to feed through while being stitched to the edge of the quilt.

Raise the foot and lay the yarn in the groove of the foot. You may also want to lower the knife blade.

Set for a longer stitch length by turning the upper knob, conveniently located on the right-hand side of the machine, to 4.5 or 5. This, in part, will be determined by the thickness of the yarn used. The chunkier the yarn, the longer the stitch length should be.

Position the fabric under the foot and serge.

Lay the ball of yarn next to the machine with a good deal of slack lying in your lap so the yarn will feed evenly without pulling or stretching.

Cut the yarn at the end of the seam.

One method to finish the seam is to use a darning needle, bodkin or any needle with a wide-eye to thread the chain of threads into the existing line of stitches to bury and secure the thread ends.

Couching corners on a serger are easily done. Gently pulling a little slack in the thread below the tension discs will allow you to pivot the fabric and get a nice sharp corner.

XG-43D Serger Special Features

The Janome XG-43D is a compact, but powerful serger which can easily accommodate the extra thickness of bulky fabrics, or in this case, multiple layers. 4 layers of fabric and 2 layers of batting glide right through!

The pivoting feature of the presser foot allows the front end of the foot to tip up, which makes starting a seam with bulky fabrics or multiple layers even easier

Like all Janome machines, the XG-43D serger features snap on presser feet. The little white tab on the back of the “ankle” releases the foot to switch out in a flash to one of the many specialty feet available!

The colour-coded tension dials marking each of the 4 thread paths makes threading a breeze!

With a project as fun as this, why use all the same matching thread? Mix it up – and use it up by raiding your thread stash to use a different colour in each needle and each looper

TIP: When serging, use clips instead of pins. You’ll be more conscious to remove them and less likely to run over them!!  You don’t want to sew over clips or pins while serging, especially when the knife blade is engaged. Yikes!!


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